Monday, October 16, 2017

Healthy snacking with signature market

Welcome back to the healthy eating series. As a breastfeeding mother, I'm constantly hungry. I'm sure those who breastfeed or have friends who breastfeed will understand. So I need lots of snacks. 

It's very easy to fall into the trap of taking unhealthy snacks such as chocolates, cookies, doughnuts and cakes because they give instant gratification. So, what snacks are healthy?

 Ingredients- low sugar, low salt, low calories, high minerals and vitamins, high fibre

 Way of cooking-Choose baked instead of fried

 Examples will be nuts and grains, yoghurt, vegetables and fruits, occasional dark chocolate is ok.

So one may argue it takes too much effort to prepare these snacks and they may be less tasty than our conventional bread and Kueh (which have high GI index) 

It's not easy to find instant snacks that fit the above criteria after a while. I chanced upon signature market while googling one fine day. It's based in Malaysia but also has products imported from the US.

 It's so easy to get organic products using signature market at a fraction of the price. Look at the varieties they offer. Not only can I get adult snacks, I can also get snacks for baby Bing! Signature market also has some household products.

 Got my parcel a week later. Full of yummy goodness. Very neatly packed.

 Baby Bing was also excited to open the parcel. Items received in perfect condition.

Tada! Resealable snack packs -white sesame energy squares, garlic bread cashew and cranberry super seeds trail mix. One can also choose different combinations of seeds and nuts if desired. Since our last try on ostricare yogurt pieces, baby Bing is in love. So there's more Happy Baby yoggis this time round.

The blueberry granola mix opens up just like a carton of milk. And can reseal on its own. Lots of GoNatural breakfast bars to last me during long clinic days. Otherwise I might just munch on cookies or cream filled bread which have way too much sugar and calories.

 Last but not least, pancake mix that will last us a few months. Signature market was also thoughtful because the eucalyptus laundry liquid was sealed separately in order to prevent leakage.

 Alright that's all for the post about healthy snacking because it's teatime! Here's my first yoghurt granola with cranraisin during teatime. Full of crunchy and fruity awesomeness :)

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