Thursday, November 30, 2017

Brunch with friends @Zen&co Kepong

After a thrilling round of Virtual Reality experience, we were looking for something to fill our stomach. Zen & co looks very cosy from the outside and is great for friends to hang out.

Great cafe ambience. The place was quite packed at 12pm. We were only after something light.

There's a wide variety of Japanese and Asian food available.

It's not easy to find good matcha latte. The latte here is a great combination of milk and matcha, none too overpowering. And look at the presentation! Look so tempting.

The other interesting beverage is their iced cappuccino. A child serving of espresso is served with espresso ice cubes. Pour over chocolate syrup then cold milk. One has to enjoy the drink slowly, waiting for the ice to melt. Very strong and aromatic coffee.

Creamy salmon pasta. Fresh salmon sashimi curled into a lovely rose. The sauce is thick. The blanched Edamame beans go very well with the spaghetti.

Salmon hand roll

Assorted sushis

Price wise is average.
Our verdict 8/10!
Will definitely be back :)

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Fun in the maze featuring Lost in Chinatown KL

You may think I'm joking when I tell you there's a maze right at Petaling Street. Afterall, it's in the midst of the hustle bustle of the metropolitan. Not only is the flea market and food famous here, now we can also enjoy a fun afternoon at Lost in Chinatown!

The must take photo corner with Bruce Lee wax figure.

This 30 minutes walk brings us through the past of Chinatown-the people and culture. Not just Petaling street, but also Chinatown in various parts of Malaysia, including the famous Jonker walk in Malacca.

The top 40 Chinatowns in the world. I have only been to 6 of them? Time to start traveling again!

The various faces of Chinatown. Canvas painting recorded these precious moments into eternity.

This wall is definitely one of my favorite part of the gallery! Because it showcases Malaysian food culture.

Take a photo with the old fashioned bicycle to become part of the history.

So, Malaysian doesn't just add lah to the end of the sentences. Pick up these lines to show that you are truly Malaysians!

One can also take up the challenge to find the designated 4 out of hundreds of celebrity poparts. I got almost cross-eyed trying to solve the mission!

A mandatory family photo with daddy pulling the trishaw.
They also exhibit various other famous Malaysian tourist attractions, as well as traditional Chinese artpiece such as paper cutting art.

At only RM15 per person, this gallery brings some family fun! Be it chasing after your young ones in the maze or spotting familiar spots of the Chinatown on the canvas. Also an escapade from the busy market on the street.

Sky is the limit featuring Between the city and stars

The largest light and LED art festival is in town! Light box Sungai Buloh will be holding this awesome event from 24 Nov 17 to 1 Jan 18. No matter you are an art lover, or just someone who loves the lit up extravaganza, Light box has something to offer- It is a family friendly event space great for exhibition and festivals.

VL, hubby, baby Bing and I had the exclusive opportunity to attend their launching event.

Never forget to snap a few insta worthy photos before the event started!

Posing with the helium balloons before baby Bing decided to run away with a few of them.

Cute inflatable polar bear :)

Melodious songbird accompanied us while waiting for the ceremony to start. 

The event was officiated by litting the symbolic LED light box.

Charismatic LED drummers kicked off the festival.


Before the event tour, all these yummylicious refreshment awaits! From pasta, mini lamb chop, sushi in a cup to dessert and fruits; it's more than the finger food promised.

The much awaited event tour! Even though it was raining earlier in the evening, it did not affect our experience at all.

The indoor tour

We were led to dream in Dreamscape.

Dazed by the number of smiley faces :)

Playing hide and seek in the midst of so many LED light balls.

We are happily floating in the galaxy.

There are also plenty of spaces dedicated for art piece display.
Baby Bing trying to unruffle the leaves surrounding the Light Box.

The outdoor tour is even more exciting.

City Gazing is a LED art inspired by the KL city map. Looks mesmerizing at whichever angle .

The Brick Lane is a public disco space for everyone with the hottest songs from the billboard. Get your dance moves ready!

Etch an everlasting memory with your beloved at the secret rendezvous using a love lock. You don't have to go to Venice to do it anymore! We were lucky to be the first few to do this in Malaysia!

Or simply savor the romantic evening in a giant LED swing. It's big enough to fit two person and very snuggly.

There are plenty of free parking spaces on site or if you feel like trying out the new MRT, you can alight at Sungai Buloh station and walk for about 15 minutes. 

Be it rain or shine, the Light Box has something to offer. These displays has definitely showcase creativity. Come and experience this yourself :) 

Monday, November 27, 2017

A luxurious weekend retreat featuring Ecowellness Sanctuary Klang

What's a better way to spend a relaxing weekend than to indulge yourself to a spa or massage treat? Stress is the enemy nowadays and mental health problems are getting more common as a result. Therefore, it's vital for us to unwind. Massage has been proven efficacious in this regard. Ecowellness Sanctuary Klang is a family friendly wellness center.

First, change into these comfortable in house slippers and enjoy the pampering session.

The reception area gives a very zen feeling already. Get ready for a 5 star experience :)

There are various massage and aromatherapy packages to choose from. The price is fairly cheap, considering it's all organic!

The essential oils, body scrubs and facial products used are are all truly organic. The Ecowell organic originates from a premium Swiss skincare range- Dr. Förster is a German pioneer in natural, plant-based products.

They are really great for your skin because of the following characteristics-
Certified Organic Plant-Based Ingredients | Dermatologically Tested | ICEA-Certified | No Harmful Synthetic Chemicals | No Allergen Scents | No Silicone | No Parabens | No SLS And SLES | No Colouring Agent | No Liquid Paraffin | No Animal-Testing | No Petroleum-Based Chemicals | Halal Certified.

Even the Eco3 detergents used to clean the spa and towels are environmentally friendly and non toxic.

Before the massage, we had a pampering seasalt foot wash.

We had the luxury to check in their VIP room with 2 fluffy massage chairs of which the incline is adjustable. 

Baby Bing is well entertained by the TV which is connected to NetFlix and YouTube. Ryan and I took turns to go for massage while the other chill out with baby Bing in the VIP room.

Daddy and mommy also had the chance to enjoy far infrared (FIR) foot sauna. Click the link to understand more about FIR. One can also go for whole body FIR.

I decided to have a full body scrub and aromatherapy afterwards. The scrub really cleansed my long neglected body. After at least a good 30 minutes, all the dead skin is removed. And I smelled wonderfully balmy.

This is followed by a warm shower and aromatherapy. Having an experienced masseuse is very important. Because she knows which muscles to work with and how to relax those knots. Being so small framed, she has strong hands. Massage chairs can never replace a good masseuse. The essential oil used is very moisturising yet did not leave a single trace of oiliness.
Not to mentioned she ended the session with the famous Thai swings and lift. My first time trying this. Fairly interesting I would say.

The spa had separate sections for male and female. The massage cubicles were curtained off properly with soft lighting and relaxing background music. And I was treated with respect/privacy throughout the session. The spa provides disposable panties/boxers. And only the body part massaged is exposed at one time.

After the pampering session, the ladies can touch up in their powder room.

A cup of tea to end the session and put a smile on the face.

Overall, we are really satisfied with the professional massage service provided. And who says you can't have a pampering session with baby in tow? We have just proved that it's possible. 

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