Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Breakfast/lunch @Jess cafe starcity kuantan

Started as a cafe that sells stuffed tofu, Jess cafe has come a long way. It's a popular place for the old and young alike. People flock there for weekend breakfast and brunch. Students hang out there after school.

The interior is comfortable with half of the tables air-conditioned. But the place is always full of people.

The signature dish is their curry noodles. I love my noodles dry and other ingredients in curry soup. One portion comes with a gigantic stuffed beancurd, brinjal, bitter gourd and tofu puffs. This is the biggest 酿料 I have ever had. Each almost a fist size.

Their curry is a very inviting colour of red with a very sinful layer of chilli oil. Alternatively, one can choose to have clear soup or different ingredients. The one in the photo here had chicken and fish cakes.

This is my first time trying their fried pork drizzled in a generous amount of cream sauce. Very appetizing! Meat is cripsy and just coated with a thin layer of flour.

Food here is definitely tasty and of good quality but the price tag is also a tad higher, generally about RM2 more expensive than similar dishes elsewhere. But it's worth it. Therefore, we rate it 7.5/10!


Leah Voon said...

looks nice!

Dr Yingzangel said...

They are very generous in making the 酿料

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