Tuesday, December 5, 2017

A weekend getaway at Kampung Beserah

You are right. Kampung Beserah is where one of the Astro's Chinese New Year movie  五虎 was filmed.

Heap Yee trading

A1, Kampung Pantai, 26100 Kuantan
09-544 7290
Source from Google

This is where the locals like to get their freshest dried seafood products from. This includes
-dried shrimps
-dried oysters
-dried scallops
-dried squid (in whole/strips)
-the famous kuantan salted fish 梅香咸鱼 (unfortunately none on display)

The classic freezer with all the goodies inside to preserve freshness.

The owner sorting out various sizes of anchovies in trays.

Assorted dried crackers for frying later.

Daddy Ryan bonding with baby Bing by the beach. We were lucky because at low tide, we could walk all the way down the gentle slope of the beach and let the waves carressed our feet.

Rows of fishing boats back bringing the best produce. There's a proper market to sell all these in the village instead of makeshift wet market in the past.
-loads of fish, squids, prawns, crabs

This is why I love kuantan. Being able to combine city living with plenty of chances to experience the nature, good food and kind people :)

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