Monday, December 18, 2017

Makan makan at Orchard Road- Marche Movenpick 313 (part 3)

After teatime, we headed straight to  Marche 313- a Swiss themed restaurant for dinner. 

313 Orchard Rd, Level 1, Discovery Walk, Singapore 238895
Opens daily 11am to 11pm
Website (in German)

Really like the concept of open kitchen and the ability to order straight from the counter. But it's also dangerous because one is tempted to over order.

The pasta station.

Fresh pasta churned out from the machine continuously.

The crepe station.

Seafood Paella station.

Sausage and BBQ station.

Delectable desserts on display with very Christmassy gingerbread house.

Scan this card at each counter that we ordered.

Chicken crepe- soft and fluffy crepe, juicy chicken breast in chunks, parmesan cheese and a generous amount of salad.

Roast pork- very crunchy skin but soft and tender meat. Side-mash potato.

The all-time favorite rusti (basically sliced potatoes latticed and fried with a generous amount of mozzarella cheese and sour cream) To die for!

A single pizza is more than enough to fill 2 persons stomach.

We partly chose this place for its children playground as well. But their wooden playhouse is more suitable for older children.

Despite having to queue for food, the place is generally great and staff amicable. Just the price is slightly expensive (if I convert to MYR, easily spend RM50 per person). Our verdict 7.5/10!

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