Monday, December 11, 2017

Mini reunion @Senibong cove JB

Yay! Finally get to go on a holiday again. This time round we want to visit family and friends from Johore and Singapore area. First stop is meeting up with our uni mate at Senibong Cove in JB.
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Senibong Cove
N-01, Blok N, Pinggiran Senibong
No. 1 Persiaran Senibong
Teluk Senibong
81750 Masai, Johor

Our first time here. It's an integrated residential area with multiple dining options from Chinese, Japanese to western.
Now, Senibong Cove also has their own private jetty for yatch lovers. Hoping I can afford one sometime in the future :p

Fairly romantic ambience. We were lucky enough that the rain had stopped so we could enjoy our dinner alfresco.

The restaurants are located just by the piers and one can enjoy the scenic skyline while dining. The kids had fun running along the corridor and getting to know each other.

Delicious 8 seafood restaurant
6, Persiaran Senibong
Opens daily from 12pm to 12am
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We arrived slightly earlier comparing to the dinner crowd so food was served fairly quick.

A tofu dish is essential when you have toddlers dining together. This is their 2 way tofu. One side with deep fried plain tofu dressed with Thai sweet chilli sauce; the other fried seafood tofu with a generous mayonnaise topping. Just lightly seasoned and we like it that way because baby Bing doesn't like strong flavors.

Stir fry long beans with minced chicken. And there I naively think that we only get this type of long bean at Bukit Tinggi area in Pahang.

Stir fry pork with onions and capsicums. Meat is tender, juicy and just cooked. Just hope the portion could be bigger though. Beautifully plated and decorated with fresh flowers.

Prawn curry. Fresh and juicy. Goes really well with the fried buns. And this strongly resembles coconut prawn curry in kuantan! Rice ended up soaked in the curry sauce because it's that yummy.

After dinner, we decided to fill out our dessert stomach.

Vanilla Bean Coffee & Patisserie
G-08, BLOK B, PANGSAPURI PINGGIRAN AIR, 2, Persiaran Senibong
Opens daily 9am-10pm
Facebook page-

We were there from 8 to 9pm. What's great is that it's not crowded and they are kids friendly. Look at the boxes of toys they sourced from IKEA.

Yummy croissant on display.

Tempting banana cake slices in the glass container.

The chocolate banana tart tastes as appealing as the one on display. 

Would be better if the chocolate can be stronger in flavor and bananas more ripe and sweet. The dusting makes the tart looks so Christmassy.

Classic cheesecake. It is as classic as it looks. The cheese is light textured and not so heavy.

Have a sip of cappuccino to wake up the senses! There's no such thing as no coffee after dinner in fear of insomnia for coffee lovers.

Or else have a glass of iced chocolate if you don't feel like having coffee.

Even better try this rich butter scotch hot chocolate. So creamy that you will finish every drop and ask for more.

These two eateries are unique in different ways but we will definitely come back again especially for gatherings and for the ambience. Just the price range is on the expensive side.

We rate it 7.5/10!

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