Sunday, December 24, 2017

New hair color for 2018 featuring Hair Color Expert Damansara Uptown

Due to premature graying, I have to dye my hair at least twice a year to cover this. With years, there are more gray hair unfortunately. I recently changed my hair color at Hair Color Expert.

Hair Color Expert
44A, Jalan SS21/35, Damansara Utama
Tel 0162139566
Google Apps htpps://
Facebook Page
(Main branch at Sri Petaling)

Getting an appointment from Hair Color Expert is easy peasy. Just a few clicks on their app and you are good to go! But remember to confirm your appointment 2 hours prior to avoid auto cancellation.

HCE is a concept salon that only do hair colouring. And what I really like is that they are really transparent with their pricing. Any additional charges are confirmed before proceeding with colouring.

All HCE customers go through the following 6 steps.

Step 1 consultation.

Sean, a very experienced hair stylist with MLVK certification talked me through the process. I intended to change my hair to burgundy/purple. However, Sean explained that this will need bleaching and make my fragile hair even more dry and brittle. This color also does not last. For gray hair coverage, he recommended dyeing every 3 to 4 months.

I settled with dark blue in the end. It's the 'in color' at the moment. Apparently, it will morph into dark green then brown later on. This is the reason why I prefer salon colouring than home colouring.

Step 2 coloring.

My hair color is ammonia free which doesn't give a stinging sensation and is more suitable for sensitive scalp. HCE is planning to introduce a colorless and odourless hair dye starting 2018 which is also more environmental friendly. So watchout for that!

Sean also meticulously protected my skin around the hairline with a layer of Vaseline. My hair was also protected by toxin removal essence. Ears on protective ear muffs. Thumbs up for his effort!

Step 3 wait.

All customers are given this cute timer to wait for 30 minutes so the color can develop.

At the mean time, we are encouraged to just chill out and have a cuppa in the pantry or enjoy the TV shows or surf the net.

Step 4 wash.

When time's up, hand the timer back and lie down on one of these comfy couches for a good hair washing and conditioning.

Step 5 treatment.

Depending on the hair color, one will be given hair treatment accordingly. As my hair color is dark, I was advised for a hydrating treatment serum instead of Nano treatment.

Step 6 dry.

Even though it's stated as a quick dry, I came out of the salon looking like a million dollar celebrity. New look done!

Before. Excuse the 3 hours long drive and the messy hair.

After. Looks like I'll need to blow/straighten my hair from now on! I like how the color is not too exaggerating and makes my complexion looks fairer.

All these were completed in an hour!

Verdict: Hair Color Expert provides affordable and  professional hair colouring in a short time. Try it out and let me know your experience.

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