Saturday, December 23, 2017

The neighborhood cafe featuring Pauls Cafe Kuantan

This is not our first time dining at Paul's Cafe. I have written about them not that long ago. This is the link for my first blog post about Paul's Cafe.

We kept coming back because of the food and the awesome service.

Paul's Cafe
A15 lorong Seri kuantan 82, Star city, 25250 Kuantan, Pahang
Opens daily 11am to 11pm except Mondays
Facebook page

Paul's Cafe is runned by Shirley and her family. She's mainly in charge of the cakes, husband the cooking whereas her children the barista. They serve real food with no added MSG.

Their current menu is also a homey collection of traditional Chinese and western food. The choices are not extensive, but all are their signature dishes.

Start with our favorite snack Paulky fries which is actually made of strips of luncheon meat. Yum yum!

Chicken burger- crunchy crumbed and fried gigantic piece of chicken thigh yet still juicy inside. One can choose grilled chicken if desired (I didn't because food intake only contributed to 20% cholesterol level anyway :p )Topped with their signature minced pork bolognaise sauce and. Sandwiched by charcoal buns sourced from a secret local bakery (not available to the public unfortunately).

Fish maw mee hoon soup. This is a rare find. For one, the broth is made by hours and hours of cooking with pork bones along with other secret ingredients. Yet it's not oily. Have this with fish maw that melts in the mouth; white fungus that's still slightly crunchy and full of texture and a hard boiled egg.

Paul's Cafe also offers an interesting range of beverages.

Matcha rose latte. Matcha powder sourced from Japan. Very fresh and goes down the throat smoothly. One can also taste a hint of rose fragrance that goes very well with matcha.

Non alcoholic mojito. Refreshing with a punch of mint and lime goodness. Combine this with fizzy soda water, this makes a soothing beverage.

Paul's café's secret weapon is actually their cakes. Watch out for updates on their Facebook page because the cakes are not available everyday and they sell like hot cakes literally! One can even order their cakes in advance (in whole or slices).

Mango cheese cake. Topped with mangoes freshly plucked from the owner's tree so it's seasonal. Layers of rich cream cheese intertwine with digestive biscuits. What a heavenly combination!

Pandan layer cake. Made from real screwpine juice with no artificial colouring. The sponge cake in between is still moist and dense. Baked by the owner's friend.

Carrot cake :) The ultimate comfort food. Need no further description.

Those who wish to dine in privacy can opt to  use their VIP room or even book the whole place for functions. Pauls also accepts catering for parties.

They also have daily special rates :)

Therefore, we rate Pauls Cafe 8/10! Try it out and let us know. Don't forget to get more discounts from OffPeak!

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