Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Brighter and healthier eyes featuring Berry Bright

I am a frequent offender of sleep deprivation as baby Bing is still not sleeping through the night despite going to turn 2 this coming May. Compound this with my oncall schedule. Being a blogger also means that I have to work in front of the screen for long periods. These are all unfavorable conditions for my eye health.

WebMD had published a guide about how to maintain eye health. Read it here.
The recommendation about eating well and consuming certain nutrients is particularly attractive for a food lover like me.

It didn't take me long to discover this wonderful supplement Berry Bright. Full of the goodness of various berries, it's a great remedy to maintain eye health. As I previously explained here, please check all your supplements are HACCP and GMP compliant and Berry Bright definitely is! It's also halal and vegetarian friendly.

One of Berry Bright's founder is none other than Miss Amanda Teh. She is a fully certified naturopath from Nature Care College Sydney.  To be honest, I haven't received much training in terms of natural and complementary therapy but they play their own roles. Therefore, as a doctor, if my patients would like to try complementary treatment, I always advise them to look for certified practitioners such as Miss Teh. It's important to make sure these supplements will not interact with other prescription medications or cause side effects.

In this day and age, it's virtually impossible not to use electronic devices. The blue light emitted is known to cause eye strain but not eye damage inline what many believe. Besides these few tips from the American Academy of Opthalmology,  Berry Bright also claims to protect our eyes against strain, dryness and fatigue.

These are the vital phytonutrients found in Berry Bright! NZ black currant, eyebright extract, marigold extract, vitamin C. For Berry Bright with stevia, it also contains bilberry and stevia. This stevia is none other than the famous artificial sweetener suitable for consumption by patient with diabetes.

So on what basis is the claim coming from? Among the superfood Berry Bright contain are lutein and zeaxanthin.  These are potent antioxidant naturally found in our eyes, especially the lens, retina and macula. Eye parts that are essential for clear and sharp vision, especially in dim light and when there's glare. Lutein and zeaxanthin protect the eyes against harmful Ultraviolet rays that contributes to ageing related eye diseases such as macular degeneration and cataracts formation.

And what attracts me even more is the eye brightening effects! As you can probably tell by now, I was born with huge eye bags and dark circles. I have been looking for lots of topical remedies over the past 2 decades only with modest effect. Read this article from the Star to find out how might we get panda eyes and puffy eyes. So, sounds like inherited dark circles may be very hard to treat after all.

Berry Bright comes in small sachets. Dissolve it in about 200ml of cooled water and consume it immediately to avoid oxidation.

The original Berry Bright becomes light purple after reconstituted.

Berry Bright with stevia becomes a much darker shade instead. One sip and I could immediately tell that there's no artificial coloring or flavoring added. The one with Stevia tasted slightly sour but both of them smelled amazingly berrylicious and are very palatable.

This is my untouched face before starting Berry Bright. Sorry if I gave anyone a fright with this scary face :p

Me after 3 days of drinking Berry Bright. I have lost the puffiness and at least half of the dark circles. That's after 2 on calls in the past week.

After 7 consecutive days, look at the changes. Simply amazing. Not only are the dark circle and puffiness visibly improved, my vision is also much clearer and not so sensitive with glare anymore. I used to need my sunnies even on a cloudy day. Now lets hope the changes last. (I didn't edit any of these photos )

Now my dear readers, if you would like to give Berry Bright a try, quote this unique  15% discount code angeldc01 before 15 March 2018. Click here to buy now.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Taiwanese/Hong Kong style lunchbox featuring The Secret Kitchen Kuantan

I'm always on the looking for more yummy lunch. Chanced upon another lunch delivery service on Facebook. And they have just opened an outlet!

The Secret Kitchen
Lorong Seri Kuantan 21, (stall at the back of 888 food court)
Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/The-Secret-Kitchen-%E7%A7%98%E5%AF%86%E5%8E%A8%E6%88%BF-%E4%BE%BF%E5%BD%93%E6%9C%8D%E5%8A%A1-431803403819969/
Tel 0163486969
Opens daily except Sundays 11am to 6pm 

Call/WhatsApp at least an hour in advance for delivery to doorstep FOC
Delivery time Lunch 11am to 1pm, 5pm to 7pm

It's managed by a young couple who is opened to new ideas and source for ingredients and new recipes mainly from Taiwan and Hong Kong. The cute lunchbox also gives a very Taiwanese feeling and it's customised according to the menu ordered. Effort is put in to make sure of complete nutrition in each set with absolutely no MSG.

Their signature dish is Onion Pork Rice 黯然销魂饭.

It's inspired by Stephen Chow's movie
Refresh your memory with this YouTube clip from the movie the God of Cookery 食神

Their char siew is made fresh everyday with juicy meat and skin that's just caramelized. It's a mixed lean and slightly fatty meat. The rice is made fragrant by onion cubes, drizzle their special soy sauce for more kick in flavor. Especially love the sunny side up eggs. The meal is completed with blanched bak choy and pork ball soup.
Braised pork rice 卤肉饭

If you like fatty pork slices, then you must try this. Just like the traditional braised pork rice from Taiwan, it contains soft pork skin cut into small cubes and braised until it melts in the mouth. Great source of collagen and ladies will like it. I don't really like fatty meat but this rice just tastes heavenly and the thick oily layer of the sauce is already skimmed off. The pickled vegetables provided extra crunch to the rice dish.

They also have an interesting range of side dishes.

Fried noodle bun 炒面面包

This is my first time hearing and trying this dish originated from Taiwan. The noodles were fried with dark caramel sauce in short sections with fine carrot strips. Have this with soft buns and mayonnaise. It's a surprising combination yet goes so well together.

Curry fish balls 咖喱鱼蛋

A popular snack in Hong Kong, but not easy to make it well. The curry gravy is made from scratch with a tempting curry oil layer on top. Home made fish balls were deep fried beforehand and simmer in the curry gravy for 10 minutes so the flavor will go in. Love how the big and soft the fish balls are. A portion serves 6 huge fish balls.

Salad egg wrap 台式沙拉鸡蛋饼

Fresh carrot strips, lettuce strips, cucumber strips, crab sticks and ham are wrapped in seaweed sheet and thin egg sheets. This is a very refreshing combination. And must be eaten fresh for the best taste.

Watch this short video about my food tasting. Pardon my acne breakout.

My verdict 8.5/10! Yummy, unique food choices and affordable price tag. Am bringing more friends back! The Secret Kitchen is introducing a new chicken dish soon. Can't wait to try it.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Korean skincare products featuring Dear, Klairs

It's been quite some time since Dr Angel last shared about beauty products! But of course each time when Dr Angel share, I'm going to introduce you all to nothing but the best for your skin!

Klairs has a range of skincare products and cosmetics originating from Korea. Their products contain natural ingredients, are environmentally friendly, without harsh/harmful ingredients such as paraben, alcohol and artificial fragrance/colouring. So those who has sensitive skin or eczema can safely use Klairs without worries!

Dr Angel has tried Klairs' Gentle Black Cleansing Oil, Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask, Vitamin C Serum and Mochi BB Cushion.

Gentle Black Cleansing Oil

So I have been using foaming cleanser most of my life. Why switch to cleansing oil? This is because these good oils binds to impurities on your face without clogging the pores. The gunk then gets rinsed away by water easily. These oils also maintain the skin's pH and moisture balance, therefore preventing sebum overproduction.

Gentle Black Cleansing Oil contains the 3 Black Oils:
Black Bean Oil- soothes sensitive skin, control sebum production, improve skin elasticity
Black Sesame Oil- powerful antioxidant and age defying properties (beta carotene, rinolenic acid, sesamin, sesaminol,
Black Currant Seed Oil- potent antioxidant, rich in minerals, locks in skin moisture

Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask

Now, why use a sleeping mask when there are so many other night creams available? Sleeping mask contains more active ingredients and are more effective in terms of overnight skin hydration and delivering antioxidant to the skin. It's great for SOS when one has skincare emergencies. Having said that, one still can use it daily when applied as a thinner layer.

Vitamin E has potent antioxidant and anti ageing properties, as well as antiinflammatories that soothe and hydrate sensitive skin.  When combined with Vitamin C, it actually offers sun protection as well! This cream with its pudding texture is great at locking in moisture, can be used as a mask, moisturiser or sleeping pack. Powerful and versatile!

Vitamin C Serum

Serum was not part of my skincare routine but I have come to learn about its importance. It penetrates deeper into the skin to nourish and deliver active ingredients due to its light weight. It's also very concentrated so use it sparingly to achieve its potential and to avoid possible skin irritation. It's a great tool to rejuvenate the skin but not a compulsory skincare step.

This vitamin C serum is light, not sticky unlike most serums in the market. It contains 25% pure vitamin C which is a powerhouse of antioxidants to the secret of youthful, brighter and smoother skin. Because this pure form breaks down easily with routine exposure to air and light, it's stored in opaque bottle.

Mochi BB Cushion

BB creams are also known as Beauty Balm, Beauty Benefit, Blemish Base, Beblesh Balm, or Blemish Balm. Why are they such a fad nowadays? Because it has multiple functions- moisturise, anti-acne, skin brightening, uneven skin tone,conceal blemishes and offer sun protection. Why in cushion form? Because it provides a more even finish and the cream will not coagulate after a while.

I love how cute the BB cushion is! The colour is of apricot beige. This color complements both warm and cool skin tones, resulting in a natural finish which also neutralizes inflamed areas on the skin. It also corrects the color and brighten dull, uneven areas. The BB cushion is also lightweight, last the whole day while helping to fight sweaty and oily face.
My face before heading to work after all these beautifying steps.

So follow this skincare routine for healthy glowing skin :)
Wash-tone-moisturise-(serum)-BB (before going out)

Watch my YouTube video to see how these wonderful products are used. The same skincare routine should be done twice a day without the BB cushion step at night. Also Don't forget to subscribe to A Dr Angel Production.

Get Dear, Klairs products from Hermo
(https://goo.gl/kg3uKA) and keep yourself updated by following their Instagram @hermomy.

Till then. Love,
Dr Angel

Home decoration featuring beautiful patchwork murah Dan menarik

Chinese New Year is coming up and I'm running out of ideas for home decoration. I chanced upon this patchwork website on Facebook page and it looks really interesting.

Patchwork Murah Dan Menarik
Facebook page https://mobile.facebook.com/patchworkmurahdanmenarik/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/patchworkmurahdanmenarik/

Now this patchwork is not simply using leftover cloth to make blankets for example. It's made of 100% premium cotton by Syaqist. This makes the material cool to touch, great for the tropical weather. They mainly make bedsheets, quilt and pillow cases.

Look at the colour combination. It gives a very soothing and serene feeling. And the whole set upgrades your linen into an elegant European feel. It's thick and very comfortable-great for weekend or rainy day sleep-in for example :)

Zooming in and one can immediately see how much detail and effort is put in to produce these lovely pieces of work. The design is also 3D in nature.

I'm not a very artistic person but I would love to own a few sets of this. It's also easily cleaned because it's washable with washing machine.

What's more exciting is that they are having huge promotions in the next few days! It will also make great gifts for relatives and friends, as well as newly weds.

Real 3 in 1 patchwork linen
Date 27-31 Jan 2018
At only RM185 each set!
With free postage in the peninsula of Malaysia (Additional RM15 postage for East Malaysia)
Each set contains 1 thick quilt cover and 2 pillow cases with zip (Queen sized)

Gonna do some online shopping now. Till then, stay tuned for my next post!

Dr Angel

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Treasure Your Smile at Dentessence Dental Clinic

People nowadays are getting more health conscious. More and more go for annual health checks, eat clean and try to get adequate exercise. But, very few will go for regular dental checks.

It's recommended that everyone should have dental checks at least twice a year. For those who already have all their permanent teeth, scaling/polishing should be done at least annually to prevent calculus buildup and to maintain healthy gums.

This is because dental health is the window to our overall health! For example, poor oral health is associated with infection of the heart valves,heart attacks, diabetes and other conditions that result in a weakened immune system. Read here to find out more.

Dr Angel recently had her dental checkup and scaling done at Dentessence Dental Clinic.

Dentessence Dental Clinic
No. 43-2, Jalan PJU 5/11, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 47810, Petaling Jaya
03-6140 7567
Opens Mondays to Fridays 9am to 6pm, Saturdays 9am to 4pm
Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/dentaldentessence/

Dr Supramaniam, graduated from the prestigious Manipal University is the dentist in charge. She strongly believes in the importance of good dental and gum health.

The comfortable clinic setup.

The clinic offers a wide range of dental treatments.
-Dental checkup
-Teeth scaling and polishing, whitening
-Teeth extraction
- Braces fitting
-Veneer and crowning
- Bridges
- Restoration
- Root canals
- Endo and periodontics

Having a cup of water while nervously waiting for my turn. Funny how a doctor feels anxious to see the dentist!

The treatment room. Cosy adjustable dental chair :)

Luckily Dr Supramaniam was very patient and gentle in dental checkup as well as scaling. She made sure all teeth were scaled to perfection with minimal trauma (I'm sure you have had the odd experience when your gum were all sore and kind of bloody after treatment). Afterwards, the teeth were polished to smooth the surface.

I am lucky to have small teeth, according to her, that food doesn't tend to get stuck in between to become the source of plaque and causing cavities. She also gave me a few other tips- brush teeth gently to avoid erosion of enamel.
My happy face after getting my teeth scaled and polished.

Overall, the dental service provided by Dentessence Dental Clinic was professional and efficient. I will definitely revisit!

Now my dear readers, don't neglect your oral health and head to Dentessence Clinic. Want to give your most confident smile this CNY? Quote my name Angel and get 10% discount off your dental treatment!

Dr Angel

Lunch Bento 铜蛋餐盒 featuring Smart T&T Food Service

Running out of lunch ideas? Bogged down by work and no time to have lunch outside? Now one can choose to have a bento at Smart T&T food service.

Previously only as a delivery service, now one can opt to enjoy their bento at Shang Hai Tian restaurant at a lower price tag! This delivery service is already very popular among office workers and parents who have schooling children.

Shang Hai Tian Restaurant 上海滩
11, Jalan Besar, 25050 Kuantan, Pahang
Opens daily 7am to 3pm
Phone/WhatsApp 01121009828
Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/copperegghf/

Handroll sushi bento 寿司手卷便当

There are two handrolls included in this lovely bento. One wrapped in the traditional manner with seaweed, the fillings include fried sausage, crab sticks and cucumber slices. The other in wrapped with sushi rice on the outer layer and seaweed inside, the fillings include tuna mayonnaise and fried sausage.

Complete this with a generous portion of chicken chop. And fresh salad-tomato, shredded carrot and lettuce.

Fried pork chop rice with special oyster sauce 猪扒饭便当

Cripsy breaded pork chop marinated with fragrant sesame oil and five spiced powder. Fried till it's still juicy inside. Side dishes-stir fry long beans and salad dressed with mayonnaise.

Look at how tempting this special oyster sauce is! Mouthwatering and perfectly sweet.

Chicken meat loaf spaghetti 午餐肉意粉便当

This set is really homey and great for school children. Spaghetti cooked till soft, drizzled with salty mushroom sauce. Eat this with blanched champignon mushrooms and crunchy fresh broccoli.

Two slices of pan fried chicken luncheon meat sandwiching fried egg with mayonnaise. Just like what I envisioned to cook for my children's lunchbox in the near future.

There are a total of 20 choices of bento to suit all taste and preference.

Besides that, Copper Egg also sell and deliver cakes. One only need to order a day in advance to enjoy this goodness. The cakes are dense, flavoursome and melts in the mouth. It's made into thin layers so one can easily bite into it.

Cheese cake 芝士蛋糕

Taste just like Japanese cotton cheesecake with more shredded cheese and chicken floss sprinkled on top. Look at the thick slice of extra cheese in the middle.

Butter cake with blueberry filling 牛油蛋糕蓝莓夹心

Fragrant butter with fresh and rich blueberry jam in between. One bite and I could still taste the texture of blueberry.

Mocha cake with peanuts 花生咖啡蛋糕

Aromatic coffee cake that goes really well with the nutty flavor. Great for coffee lovers!

Pandan cake with kaya filling 班兰蛋糕加椰夹心

Screwpine leaves juiced to make this all-time favorite sandwiching a layer of jam made of coconut milk, eggs and sugar.

Verdict 7.5/10 affordable bento made with love and fresh ingredients. Great for those who do not have time to prepare healthy meals.

Tempting? Simply give the owner a call/WhatsApp/FB message an hour in advance to have it delivered to your doorstep.

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