Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Brighter and healthier eyes featuring Berry Bright

I am a frequent offender of sleep deprivation as baby Bing is still not sleeping through the night despite going to turn 2 this coming May. Compound this with my oncall schedule. Being a blogger also means that I have to work in front of the screen for long periods. These are all unfavorable conditions for my eye health.

WebMD had published a guide about how to maintain eye health. Read it here.
The recommendation about eating well and consuming certain nutrients is particularly attractive for a food lover like me.

It didn't take me long to discover this wonderful supplement Berry Bright. Full of the goodness of various berries, it's a great remedy to maintain eye health. As I previously explained here, please check all your supplements are HACCP and GMP compliant and Berry Bright definitely is! It's also halal and vegetarian friendly.

One of Berry Bright's founder is none other than Miss Amanda Teh. She is a fully certified naturopath from Nature Care College Sydney.  To be honest, I haven't received much training in terms of natural and complementary therapy but they play their own roles. Therefore, as a doctor, if my patients would like to try complementary treatment, I always advise them to look for certified practitioners such as Miss Teh. It's important to make sure these supplements will not interact with other prescription medications or cause side effects.

In this day and age, it's virtually impossible not to use electronic devices. The blue light emitted is known to cause eye strain but not eye damage inline what many believe. Besides these few tips from the American Academy of Opthalmology,  Berry Bright also claims to protect our eyes against strain, dryness and fatigue.

These are the vital phytonutrients found in Berry Bright! NZ black currant, eyebright extract, marigold extract, vitamin C. For Berry Bright with stevia, it also contains bilberry and stevia. This stevia is none other than the famous artificial sweetener suitable for consumption by patient with diabetes.

So on what basis is the claim coming from? Among the superfood Berry Bright contain are lutein and zeaxanthin.  These are potent antioxidant naturally found in our eyes, especially the lens, retina and macula. Eye parts that are essential for clear and sharp vision, especially in dim light and when there's glare. Lutein and zeaxanthin protect the eyes against harmful Ultraviolet rays that contributes to ageing related eye diseases such as macular degeneration and cataracts formation.

And what attracts me even more is the eye brightening effects! As you can probably tell by now, I was born with huge eye bags and dark circles. I have been looking for lots of topical remedies over the past 2 decades only with modest effect. Read this article from the Star to find out how might we get panda eyes and puffy eyes. So, sounds like inherited dark circles may be very hard to treat after all.

Berry Bright comes in small sachets. Dissolve it in about 200ml of cooled water and consume it immediately to avoid oxidation.

The original Berry Bright becomes light purple after reconstituted.

Berry Bright with stevia becomes a much darker shade instead. One sip and I could immediately tell that there's no artificial coloring or flavoring added. The one with Stevia tasted slightly sour but both of them smelled amazingly berrylicious and are very palatable.

This is my untouched face before starting Berry Bright. Sorry if I gave anyone a fright with this scary face :p

Me after 3 days of drinking Berry Bright. I have lost the puffiness and at least half of the dark circles. That's after 2 on calls in the past week.

After 7 consecutive days, look at the changes. Simply amazing. Not only are the dark circle and puffiness visibly improved, my vision is also much clearer and not so sensitive with glare anymore. I used to need my sunnies even on a cloudy day. Now lets hope the changes last. (I didn't edit any of these photos )

Now my dear readers, if you would like to give Berry Bright a try, quote this unique  15% discount code angeldc01 before 15 March 2018. Click here to buy now.

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