Sunday, January 14, 2018

Exotic dishes featuring Nineteen 61 Cafe Kuantan

Few knew there's a cafe in this quiet area of kuantan. It's owned by a young lady who loves all things simple yet elegant. But not showy. That's what the cafe is like-a hidden gem. It was a rainy Sunday and we were really after some hot comfort food.

Nineteen 61 Cafe
B-3 Lorong Seri Kuantan 25
Opens daily except Wednesdays 11am to 11pm
Phone +60169500250
Facebook page

We were greeted by a Christmas tree with a few festive looking logs.

Contrary to the appearance outside, it's actually very spacious inside with the seats upstairs dedicated for smokers.

Entree- cheesy waffle fries

Cute waffle shaped fries in a crisscrossed manner. Cripsy, full of flavor and very addictive. Dip it in the rich cheddar and mozzarella cheese sauce, it satisfies the cheese lover.

Main- Pumpkin rusti Benedict

Nineteen 61 Cafe serves all day breakfast. We always like to order egg Benedict because it's technically challenging to prepare. Two warm half poached eggs drizzled with golden hollandaise sauce (I wish there's more punch in the sauce though) and topped with alfalfa sprouts that added crunch and texture. Take this with the deep fried pumpkin rusti which balanced out the sourness. There's a generous side serving of stir fry mushroom as well.

Main- Soft shell crab burger with mango salsa

This is my first time having soft shell crab in a Kuantan cafe. And I would attest that it's extraordinary. Seasoned and crisped, the burger and crab went well with the mango salsa and mayonnaise. Loved how soft the bun was. The salad completed the dish well with the sourness of the balsamic vinegar.

Dessert- Fruity souffle pancake

As the signature of the cafe, one must try their souffle because it's a dessert made with skill and experience. Egg whites beaten to form stiff peaks added to the souffle mixture which was then oven baked. The souffle here has the perfect texture. Slightly caramelized outside and still runny inside. I would describe it as eating mousse as light as clouds. The perfect combination is to have this with the sweet strawberry sauce, whipped cream and the sour fresh strawberry/blueberry.


A cup of Creme bulee hot chocolate to warm the hands and hearts in this cold weather.

Matcha Affogato. A very dense matcha shot to go with a creamy scoop of vanilla icecream.

Watch my video about the cafe here.

Verdict- 7.5/10! this cafe offers unique menu. For those wanting something out of the ordinary, try it out. And souffle lovers should definitely check them out.

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