Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Home decoration featuring beautiful patchwork murah Dan menarik

Chinese New Year is coming up and I'm running out of ideas for home decoration. I chanced upon this patchwork website on Facebook page and it looks really interesting.

Patchwork Murah Dan Menarik
Facebook page

Now this patchwork is not simply using leftover cloth to make blankets for example. It's made of 100% premium cotton by Syaqist. This makes the material cool to touch, great for the tropical weather. They mainly make bedsheets, quilt and pillow cases.

Look at the colour combination. It gives a very soothing and serene feeling. And the whole set upgrades your linen into an elegant European feel. It's thick and very comfortable-great for weekend or rainy day sleep-in for example :)

Zooming in and one can immediately see how much detail and effort is put in to produce these lovely pieces of work. The design is also 3D in nature.

I'm not a very artistic person but I would love to own a few sets of this. It's also easily cleaned because it's washable with washing machine.

What's more exciting is that they are having huge promotions in the next few days! It will also make great gifts for relatives and friends, as well as newly weds.

Real 3 in 1 patchwork linen
Date 27-31 Jan 2018
At only RM185 each set!
With free postage in the peninsula of Malaysia (Additional RM15 postage for East Malaysia)
Each set contains 1 thick quilt cover and 2 pillow cases with zip (Queen sized)

Gonna do some online shopping now. Till then, stay tuned for my next post!

Dr Angel

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