Friday, January 12, 2018

Homemade yoghurt with Easiyo

Chanced upon this yoghurt maker at Aeon Tebrau on one fine day. Ryan was so excited about it so we decided to give it a try. With the purchase of 5 Easiyo yoghurt sachets, we got the Easiyo yoghurt maker as a gift.

Our first yoghurt making experience was a huge success! This is the step by step instructions.

1. Chill about 1L of boiled water overnight in the refrigerator. Boil some water on the day you want to make the yoghurt.

2. Empty a sachet of Easiyo yoghurt powder into the yoghurt container.

3. Fill the container to half full using the chilled water.

4. Close the lid then shake the container vigorously to fully dissolve the powder.

5. Add chilled water 5mm till the top of the container.

6. Shake the container again to ensure an equal distribution of the mixture.

7. Fill the yoghurt maker with hot water until it just exceeds the upper level of the red tray.

8. Place the container in the yoghurt maker and make sure the hot water covers at least more than half of the container.

9. Close the lid of the yoghurt maker tightly and leave it under room conditions for 15 to 24 hours (up to 12 hours only in colder climates).

Tada! 1kg of thick and smooth yoghurt.

So do I need to start with a new pack of Easiyo powder when I want a new batch of yoghurt? Bear in mind it costs about RM25 each bag.

The answer is of course no! Yoghurt is a living culture of lactobacillus bacteria. In order to have more yoghurt, one needs to create the food and environment for the healthy bacteria to grow!

I substituted the Easiyo powder with 1 and a 1/2 cup full cream Fernleaf milk powder instead. The only trick is to use 2 to 3 tablespoonfuls of the old batch of yoghurt into the container as the starter (make sure it's less than a week old).

The result is equally successful!

I have also read that fresh milk can be used. In that case, the milk needs to be boiled and chilled overnight in the refrigerator before being mixed with the starter.

All the Easiyo yoghurt powder regardless of the flavor can be used as the starter. The next batch of yoghurt will just have a lighter taste.

I love my yoghurt eaten plain at times.

But I have also tried adding cransin nut trail mix purchased from Signature Market into the yoghurt to make it a healthy snack.

Yoghurt contains lots of probiotics that's great to build a healthy digestive system. With Easiyo, I know exactly what goes into my homemade yoghurt. Try making your own yoghurt today!

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