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Micasa Cafe by the River kuantan renovated!

Megaview hotel kuantan has a great river view. And since the esplanade was upgraded to a scenic park, there's no more smelly river. Its cafe, Micasa recently opened at the beginning of the year but closed for renovation until last December.  Read here for my first impression at this cafe. It's easily the cafe with the best view and atmosphere in kuantan.

Micasa café by the River
C/o Megaview Hotel slot 567 Jalan Besar Kuantan
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Opens daily except Wednesdays

We visited on the third day of the reopening. They have put lots of effort into the cafe. It even 'snowed' during Christmas and Christmas Eve! Watch the video here.
Their new menu is much more extensive. Not just the simple set lunch they used to have.

The cosy decoration indoor. The outdoor lawn was replaced by a covered area instead. We actually loved the old outdoor area better.One has a direct view to the beautiful kuantan river from the cafe.

So what about the food?
Merry Go Round RM25

It's a Ferris wheel full of finger food! How exciting. Even baby Bing couldn't resist spinning the wheel around.
Watch this video on my Instagram.
There's- crab balls with fish roe inside, blanched Edamame beans, popcorn chicken, fried popiah with minced meat and vegetables fillings, fried spring roll with crab filament and seaweed center. Huge portion can be shared between 4!

Scallop Yakitori skewers RM14

This is the freshest and largest Norwegian scallops I have ever tried in kuantan. Cooked perfectly- slightly caramelized outside and still juicy inside. Drizzled with tamari sauce (sweet soy sauce), it's worth every bite.

Fried squid spaghetti in salted egg creamy sauce. RM14

Crispy tempura batter with juicy squid. Interesting cream sauce made of pieces of salted egg yolk with curry leaves and birdseye chilli. Didn't expect to have chillies in there which actually enhanced the fragrance of the salted egg yolks.

Garlic spaghetti with chicken parmigiana. RM20

We were surprised at how much baby Bing loved the spaghetti! The combination of garlic and black pepper went really well together with a generous splash of olive oil. We were served a huge chicken parmigiana, so big that it can be the main itself. Salad cherry tomatoes, onion rings, cucumber slices and Romania lettuce dressed with sesame sauce. Yum!

Seafood risotto RM20

Those who have cooked risotto before will know how difficult it is to cook it well and make it look good. This risotto is infused with a rich tomato flavor, mixed with fresh squid, prawns and green mussels. Covered with a thick layer of melted mozzarella cheese, each mouthful is a burst of flavor.

Chocolate volcano RM15

For this price tag, one gets a huge piece of brownies, 4 scoops of vanilla ice creams, stacked with soft and fluffy marshmallows together with two love letters and a gigantic black chocolate doll melting with all the chocolatey goodness! Can easily feed 3 to 4.

Mango cheesecake RM15

A palm sized full of gelatinous, creamy and cheesy treat  with a base made of digestive biscuits and pistachios. The beautiful display of mango slices and cubes make it a great visual treat as well.

Hands brew coffee RM18 (again!)

Mr husband has recently fallen in love with this. Micasa uses coffee beans originated from Rwanda which yields cups of light bodied and slightly acidic liquid gold.

Purple candy RM15

Freshly pressed purple carrots, apples and oranges produced this funky looking and vitamin rich juice. There's also a wide choice of other juice combinations for the health conscious.

Verdict: 8.5! With the romantic ambience, awesome food, efficient service and affordable price tag, MicasaCafeByTheRiver is definitely a gem in Kuantan. We will definitely revisit.

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