Monday, January 8, 2018

Thai Malaysian fusion cuisine featuring EATEA Kuantan

Craving for some sour and spicy food? Then you should definitely head to EATEA cafe. It has all it takes to a very appetizing and satisfying Thai Malaysian fusion meal.

P.s. even though EATEA has a Chinese name, its staff and chef are Muslim :)

EATEA cafe
B1679 Lorong Air Putih 2 kuantan
Opens daily 11.30am to 10pm
Facebook page

The comfortable indoor sitting area is air-conditioned. If you prefer to sit outside, it's equally spacious and cosy.

Tasteful decoration in the dining area.

A collection of antique artpieces.

A proud display of the signature dishes by EATEA at their counter.

Peet Saat mackerel

Mackerel pan fried then drizzled with an appetizing concoction of spicy and sour sauce, mixed with pineapple cubes, tomatoes, lady fingers and long beans. The fish was not 'fishy' at all! Being EATEA's signature dish, it's worthy of the title. The portion can easily feed 3 pax.

Gai Pad Krapow

Chicken breast cut into tiny cubes stir fried with basil, long beans, bird's eye chilli and long beans. Believe it or not, this was actually the most spicy dish of all, leaving a numb tongue behind :p Look can be deceiving.

Special of the day- Asam Pedas with meat ball.

This is our first time having meat in a spicy tamarind based soup. Conventionally, Asam Pedas is used to cook fish and other seafood. Interestingly, the beef balls went really well with the soup, tasting strikingly similar to Tom Yum.

Last but not least, a healthy combination of fresh vegetables stir fried to persevere the vitamins and great taste. Wong bok/Chinese cabbage, lady fingers, tomatoes, onions, carrots and long beans.

EATEA has an interesting range of mocktail on the menu. I lap (love?) u, I want u and I hate u. The last being a very daring combination which I didn't have the guts to try :p

I ordered 'I want u' instead. It's a combination of lemongrass stalk infused in soda water, Nata de coco, lychee, sour plum and mint. This resulted in a very refreshing beverage which was fizzy with a complex sweet/salty/minty flavor.

Triple juice. A child friendly combination of carrot, apple and orange juice freshly pressed when ordered. Baby Bing finished every single drop of this.

Three layered coffee for my coffee loving husband. A rich layer of local coffee on top and a layer of palm sugar syrup sandwiching evaporated milk. A treat of the day!

Verdict: A family friendly cafe. If you love sour and spicy food then this is a great place to make sure you will have an extra bowl of rice. Price is average. Will visit again when their new menu is out. 

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