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The secret behind flawless skin featuring D'beau Facez

Envious of those with flawless skin? Me too! For the past month, Dr Angel has terrible acne breakouts. Despite various topical treatment, it didn't seem to respond. So I have resorted to apply concealer on the affected spots.

After a consultation and treatment session at D'Beau Facez, I have finally understood why.

D'Beau Facez 帝妃时尚医美专家
55A, Jalan SS21/60, Damansara Utama
Opens daily 11am to 7pm except Tuesdays
Wechat/call 0133565766
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Dr Mino Lee is a Chinese plastic surgeon who had ventured into aesthetic treatment for 20 years. He owns a clinic in Shang Hai which specialises in using Chinese herbs in eliminating facial mites called Demodex. He recently opened D'Beau Facez, invited by his Malaysian counterparts.

What are Demodex? Previously recognized as mites living in our hair follicles and sebum glands harmoniously. However there's increasing research evidence stating the link between these mites and certain skin problems such as rosacea and acne. You can read more about them from here.

All patients will go through a thorough skin consultation. A skin scraping will be done over the forehead, an area that's commonly populated by Demodex mites. Then it's examined under light microscope using oil on the slide.

It's common for adults to have skin mites. But when they are too many, it's postulated that they can trigger inflammatory reactions on the skin and block pores. This condition is called demodicidosis, which can look very similar to acne. So far, it's related to suppressed immune system and not hygiene level.

Dr Lee also believes that these mites are parasites, surviving using nutrients and water on our skin, which is why skin condition remains poor and dehydrated despite good skincare products.

Watch this YouTube video about the mites found on my face and how it's consuming water molecules from my face. Fairly disgusting I would say. Not for the weak stomach. I have never known that my face is that dirty because I'm meticulous in cleaning and applying good quality products.

After consultation, a series of treatment was given to fix my skin problem.

Double Cleansing
My face was cleansed firstly to remove any makeup residue and dirt. The second cleanser used was specifically targeting the demodex mites. It's developed using Chinese herbs by Dr Lee himself. If you are interested, read through this research about this remedy here.
My face was then steamed to open up the pores for about 5 minutes. The feeling of slight suffocation due to the steam in the face is normal.

Comedone extraction
Comedones were extracted manually. If done professionally, this shouldn't cause blemish or scar.

Deep pore facial vacuum
This small vacuum released and gently sucked water from my face simultaneously in order to cleanse the pores from impurities and comedones.

Picosure Treatment
This is the latest laser technology that uses certain adjustable wavelength which penetrates the skin deeper for cosmetic purposes. It can fade tatoo marks, smoothen wrinkles, remove skin pigmentation and uneven skin tone and even kill Demodex mites. Find out more details here. The breakthrough is that there's virtually no downtime.

Each treatment took about 10-15 minutes. I was required to wear safety goggles to avoid exposure to the eyes. There's some stinging sensation where Picosure laser was directed to, especially the area where I have bad breakouts but that's normal. The maximum treatment effect can be seen after 24 hours.

Anti sensitive mask

This is another invention of Dr Lee. Rich in antioxidants and antiinflammatories, it's formulated with Chinese herbs such as Matricaria flower extract, rosemary leaf extract and licorice root extract. It's very watery in order to ensure the nutrient penetrates deeper into the skin.
Before facial, sad face
Instant brightening and smoother skin after the treatment.

This needleless and painless facial treatment removed the impurities and parasitic mites, as well as brightened my skin. The result was almost instant and out of my expectation.

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Dr Angel

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