Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Miraculous skin booster featuring Celebeaute Tx

I was just viewing Queenzy Cheng's new CNY hits and I realised that she's becoming younger by the years. This is one of her new hits

Such radiant and flawless skin making me envious given that we are almost the same age. Is it just due to excellent makeup alone? Soon I discovered that she's been consuming Celebeaute Tx.

Most of you by now would have noticed that I really have sun kissed skin. Not that I don't like my complexion but age and sun exposure is really catching up with me. These fine lines and crow feet! Instead of applying anti ageing skin product all over my body, isn't it easier if I can just drink it instead?

So I have started to try Celebeaute Tx. It's formulated by a certified nutritionist using active ingredients from independent laboratories compliant to GMP. The ingredients are used in the most bioavailable form and at the clinically validated dosage in order to optimise the effect.  Read here to refresh your memory about how to choose the correct supplements. 

Celebeaute Tx is so natural that when it's submitted to NADRAC, it's not required to register because it's classified as food, not medication. It's also stated clearly that it does not contain any steroid or illicit drugs which is a common fear that many have. It's also safe for pregnant mothers.

Let's analyse these skinfood. I won't elaborate too much because there are lots of studies quoted on their website. The point is there's growing evidence that these ingredients are good for skin.

Nutroxsun (grapefruit and rosemary extracts)-
powerful antioxidant and offers UV protection.

Sakura Extract-
also an antioxidant (anti ageing), antiinflammatory, whitening, smoothen the skin, encourages collagen formation. The holy grail for Japanese skincare products!

Rose petal extract
- rich in polyphenols (whitening) and prevents melanin deposition, lightens uneven skin tone

Birds nest extract
- rich in glycoprotein, amino acid, epidermal growth factor to promote youthful skin and fair complexion, moisturise the skin

Acereola extract
- strong antioxidant and loaded with vitamin C, reduces blemishes, lightens skin tone and pigmentation.

After reading all these, I can't wait to try it out! Since one can already start seeing the effect after 2 weeks, just in time to look good for CNY.

A sachet every morning before breakfast for maximal absorption.

The attractive rose coloured nutritious drink. The taste has a hint of sourness mixed with the sweetness of the berries with the fragrance of rose.

Me before starting to consume Celebeaute Tx. So tanned with so called sunkissed skin. Lol

After 2 weeks.

After a month during CNY. Overall glowing complexion but I'm not sure whether I'm really that much fairer :p these are my face without makeup hehe

These are their websites for your perusal. 

Website www.celebeaute.com 
Facebook page www.fb.com/CeleBeaute  

Of course there's a discount code for all my loyal fans. Hurry because it's only valid for 3 months until May 2018. Quote and get RM15 off your first purchase from www.celebeaute.com ! 

Disclaimer: the opinion given is merely a personal experience and does not constitute formal medical advice. Please seek your medical professional's advice before any complementary therapy. Always ask for product certification before proceeding and stop if side effect ensues.

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