Wednesday, February 7, 2018

New taste old brand featuring Shang Hai Tan Restaurant 上海滩老招牌新口味

For Shang Hai Tan die hard fans, they have recently moved from the back alley to a new shoplot. New place and new dishes introduced. But still the same chef, Mr Lee. He started out in this food business since early teenage years.

Shang Hai Tan 上海滩
Address 11, Jalan Besar, 25050 Kuantan, Pahang
Opens Monday to Friday 5.30pm to 1am
Saturday to Sunday 4pm to 1am

This is a family business. Spanning two generations, it's still standing strong since 1965. It's fully handled by Mr and Mrs Lee at the moment.

Look at this awesome mural showcasing the head chef in action, as well as their signature Hokkien noodles.

Stuffed tofu and vegetables on sizzling hotplate 铁板酿料

This dish is one of its kind. They have improvised using aluminum foil to ensure the ingredients do not stick to the plate. Love how crunchy the fried beancurd skin is. Other ingredients include stuffed tofu, stuffed dried tofu, stuffed brinjal, stuffed chilli and fried wanton.

Have the stuffed bitter gourd using their special chilli sauce. Perfect combination.

Fish head vermicelli 鱼头米粉

Generous juicy red fish head pieces deep fried and coated with crunchy flour. Cook this with vermicelli. Soup is fish bone based with pickled vegetables, tomatoes, sour plum and spring onions.

For those who doesn't like evaporated milk, they don't add any in the soup but the soup is very sweet and we finished every single drop.

Fried hokkien noodles 福建面

Their signature dish. Thick caramel sauce coating every single strand of noodles. The must is huge deep fried cripsy pork lard pieces to achieve the perfect taste.

The noodles are soft. Baby Bing loved it to bits. One can never have too much of it. Beware of messy and dirty clothes for young children though :p

Sweet and sour pork loin pieces 酸甜猪肉

Big pieces of pork tenderised and marinated before being deep fried then braised in thick sweet and sour sauce. Sprinkle fragrant sesame seeds on top to complete the taste.

Look at how generous the pieces are. Bigger than a soup spoon.

Salty egg deep fried squid 咸蛋花枝

Squid deep fried in salty egg coated flour, curry leaves and dried chilli. The squid here is fried till slightly hard for the extra chewy texture. It has a sweet taste that complements the saltiness. 

The chilli does not render the dish spicy at all. In fact, it just adds on to the flavors.

Not to forget stir fry lettuce 清炒生菜。

 The lettuce is stir fried with the right heat and timing to a flavored vegetables that's just cooked but still crunchy.

Have all these yummy dishes with freshly pressed apple juice and carrot milk. Refreshing indeed!

Verdict: 7.5/10 Really unique sizzling hotplate with stuffed ingredients. Classic dishes cooked well using the right heat 锅气. That's the essence of great Chinese stir fry dishes 煮炒。

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