Wednesday, March 7, 2018

A weekend back to nature featuring Tadom Hill Resort Banting

Having enough of staying at conventional hotels? Looking forward to some outdoor adventure? That's exactly why we headed to Tadom Hill Resort at Banting recently.

Tadom Hill Resort
Kampung Labohan Dagang, 42700 Banting, Selangor
Phone 012 – 5225728

Tadom Hill Resort is all built with bamboo originating from Malaysia and Indonesia. It's philosophy is of self sustenance. Dato Lai carefully explains that all buildings there are made with bamboo. The leftover bamboo used in construction will be either turned into compost or charcoal. 

Bamboo charcoal has multiple uses which can be used as dehumidifier, compost and BBQ material. It can also be used to make soap and decorative artwork!

On-site charcoal making. It takes only 3 hours to burn bamboo into charcoal but this needs to be cooled overnight in the oven to room temperature before use.

Awesome lake view.

In the evening, the still lake gives such a great reflection, just like the famous mirror lake in NZ.

We were given a warm welcome by Mr Nazmi who showed us the way to the western bistro as we arrived during dinner time.

Fish and chips. I love how soft the fish is inside the crunchy tempura batter.

Black pepper chicken chop. The food here is actually cheap for KL standard. Only at RM10 to 15 per set.

We spent the night in an awesome bamboo hut. The hut can easily fit more than 2 adults. The futon is comfortable. And the room is neat and clean. We left our luggage at the far corner in the room. Towels and wet clothes can be hung outside the room. 

The accommodation here so far is not air-conditioned but because it's surrounded by the forest, it's actually quite cold, especially in the wee hours of the morning.

There are communal showers and toilets. I like how clean they are kept even though it's shared. And there are rain showers! The male and female washrooms are housed separately. There is no water heaters though so it can get fairly chilly at night.

Breakfast service started at 8am. It's a spread of local and western food. From nasi lemak, rice porridge, mee siam to toasts, cereals and scrambled egg. A good variety to suit different tastes.

During the weekend, they have live bands. Local artists play popular Malay pieces. Even someone who doesn't really follow Malay pop and hits could also recognise some of the songs. Baby Bing was so upbeat about the whole thing and was dancing along with the songs.

We spent the morning hanging around the resort people watching and playing football with baby Bing. Ryan then went an exhilarating flying fox across the lake but baby Bing decided to nap during that time. Would have loved to try out the ATV though. Instead we spent some quiet moments in the hut until lunch hour.

Tadom Hill Resort serves their signature bamboo rice set for lunch. At only RM10 per set, it's definitely value for money! Rice wrapped in aromatic banana leaf and baked in short segments of bamboo. Served with ayam berempah (spiced fried chicken), curry gravy and sambal (a wonderful concoction of chilli and sweet onions). Have this with a glass of cold syrup drink. Perfecto!

Watch this short YouTube video about all the water activities- jumping platform, swimming, bamboo rafting. The flying fox cable goes across the lake to the far end.

We had a really great weekend at Tadom Hill Resort. Would love to return in a bigger group in the near future. Looking forward to more luxurious room options in the future (connecting rooms for family, ensuite and air-conditioned rooms under construction).

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