Monday, March 5, 2018

Energy booster and gastritis reliever featuring G-Storm 360

It's not easy to juggle hectic work schedule and also caring for young children. Irregular meal schedules sometimes make my gastritis play up.

Those who have gastritis will understand how terrible the feeling of reflux and heartburn is. So bad so that I nearly got myself admitted a few years ago. And got myself an upper scope and ultrasound.

Why do we get gastritis?

The following can all play a role in causing or exacerbating gastritis- acute stress, certain painkillers called NSAIDs, steroid use, alcohol, tobacco smoking and also Helicobacter pylori infection.

Most gastritis resolves with symptomatic treatment. Conventional treatment includes medications to reduce the acidity in the stomach. In rare cases, ulcers can form which can possibly cause life threatening bleed.

Read more about gastritis from Mayo clinic.

I have gotten the chance to try G-storm 360 which claims to boost energy levels and relieves gastritis.

G-storm contains 22 powerful ingredients. I'll explain a few of the key ones.

Goat's milk- claimed to be hypoallergenic and great for those with sensitive stomach. It's full of protein and calcium. Great for the bones!
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Mint- I really love the mint flavor! It promotes digestion, also acts as carminative. This eases indigestion and relieves bloatedness.

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Black seed also helps to alleviate indigestion and heartburn, bloatedness and diarrhoea.
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Aloe Vera is good for those who have constipation as it regulates bowel movement.

In conclusion, not only is G-storm great to boost energy levels, but it also relieves indigestion and gastritis. The ingredients are plant based so it's suitable for the whole family to consume including expecting and breastfeeding mothers.

What about the taste?

Absolutely tasty! Unlike fresh goat's milk, it doesn't have the musky odour which puts many off. It's sweet with a hint of mint. Reminded me of mint chocolate. The milk powder also dissolves easily in hot or cold water.

I haven't had very bad gastritis recently but I find that G-storm gives a warm feeling in the stomach after consumption. And my bowel habit is also more regular.

I have made a short YouTube video about G-storm 360 here. Enjoy! Let me know what do you think about G-storm here.

Those interested to know more can visit Dr Zara's (Ellvita's founder) Facebook page.

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