Friday, March 16, 2018

EzBuy now lists and Mogujie on the website

This is a great news for online shopping lovers like me! EzBuy now lists and Mogujie on the website. Saw this headline recently and am already excited to look at the variety of goods I can get at a fraction of the normal price!

For the past decade or so, online shopping in Malaysia has taken off. Started with websites such as Groupon, there weren't that much of a variety. Lazada then came into the picture. That's when shopping online becomes really popular. Except for fresh produce, I have now mostly resorted to online shopping due to the convenience and reliability of the service.

Subsequently, retail giants such as TaoBao and AliBaba has emerged as the champions in online shopping. However, for overseas shoppers, TaoBao can be kind of troublesome because they don't handle overseas shipping. That's where EzBuy comes into play.

EzBuy sources it products mainly from China and Taiwan. It also sells products from locally, as well as from the US and Korea. Recently it has also started to source from Mogujie and Global JD. What does the mean? More varieties at lower price tags. It's the Year End Sales everyday!

You name it, they have it. EzBuy gives one a comprehensive shopping experience. From things that one can find in the departmental stores such as male and female fashion, electronics and children's stuff, to supermarket/hypermarket everyday groceries. We recently ordered matching family T shirts for CNY. Economic yet creative and of good quality. Tempting much?

I am absolutely in love with this under RM30 category. From trinkets to household products and clothes, it's going to satisfy that inner itch to shop more. RM30 really doesn't worth much nowadays.. So this comes with great consolation at my purchasing power! It's indeed a steal .

Once payment confirmed, items will either be delivered via air or sea shipment which is up to one's preference. I personally don't buy things I urgently need online so sea shipment is more than adequate. My personal experience is that sea shipment will generally takes between 2 to 4 weeks.

There's no such thing as being conned while shopping online if one uses reliable websites such as EzBuy. For the past decade or so, I have been buying my mobile phones online without issues with delivery, quality, aftersale services and warranty.

As if the prices are not low enough, EzBuy had their first anniversary sales that just ended on 11 March. Too bad I missed the boat but I'll definitely hop onto the next one! But I'm still in time to get 15% off my first parcel quoting EZAPP15! I'm already making my next shopping list.

To know more, get on to their official websites.
EzBuy Website
Global JD

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