Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Instant nose job featuring Vogue Clinic

I would like to congratulate Dr Darren Teo and his team for their grand opening on 25 March! Besides the usual makan makan, there's also attractive lucky draw and treatment demonstration. We were even lucky enough to have local celebrity Zaim joining us on the day!

Vogue Clinic
Address 36-3, Jalan 30/70A, Wisma Rapid, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 KL
Phone number 018-234 2128
Facebook page

The whole clinic is so spacious with 2 consultation rooms and 1 facial room and 1 treatment room. Very posh and comfortable at the same time. I wish I have a workspace looking like that.

After the under eye filler demonstration, it's my turn to become the model for nose filler injection. I don't have the video for the demonstration on the opening day, but feel free to read up my previous post about my own undereye filler experience here.

Dr Teo prefers to enhance my nose with both thread lifting and filler in order to sculpt it better and for a more natural finish. He performed thread lifting for me to create a scaffold first. And this needs at least a week's interval followed by the filler injection for optimal results. Read about my thread lift experience here.

What's nose filler injection?

It is the art of perfecting one's nose bridge and volume using hyaluronic acid based filler (collagen) injection as an office procedure. 

How is it done?

After 10 minutes of numbing cream, I was ready for the procedure! The filler was injected just beneath the tip of the nose with local anesthetic which stung a little initially. After a minute or so, the whole nose was numb and the whole procedure was painless. Dr Teo guided the direction of filler using slight pressure applied to my nose.

And the whole treatment was over in just over 5 minutes!

What's the effect?
Me after thread lift and before filler injection.

Me straight after filler injection. The nose bridge will appear slightly more prominent but will become even more natural looking after a while.

After two days, my nose looks so much more natural.

An instant nose bridge creation for me who has never had a nose bridge before this! Comparing with thread lift, the filler was also able to create more volume to my nose.
Any side effects?

There's virtually no downtime. My nose didn't even swell. It's normal for the filler to feel kind of firm in the beginning but it begins to feel like my own skin after a few days.

I didn't have much pain and was ready to go shopping immediately after the treatment. There's a very rare side effect of air embolism which never occurs because before every injection Dr Teo would make sure that he's not injecting into a blood vessel. Because the nose has fairly complicated anatomy, it is important to get an experienced aesthetic doctor to perform the injection in order to avoid rare but serious side effects such as skin necrosis and blindness.

How long will it last?

Generally speaking a year or so. Depending on how fast the body metabolises the filler, it may need topping up every 9 to 12 months or so.

Now to the exciting part! Watch my experience of getting nose filler injections. A tiny warning for those who doesn't like seeing needles though.

There we go, an instant result for a better looking nose :) without the pain of going through a full rhinoplasty.


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