Friday, March 16, 2018

Osaka 3 days itinerary (Day 1)

This was baby Bing's third overseas trip and also third time taking flights. As he gets older, he becomes more curious and playful so he could actually skip some sleep in exchange of fun time. Our flight was an overnight flight. Lucky we got some shut-eye but baby Bing didn't sleep too well unlike during his UK trip with mommy solo. 

Having internet connection was extremely important so we subscribed to Digi's internet roaming service after touching down which was only at RM25 for 5 days! Enough to navigate around the city. 

Remember to buy Nankai Express tickets online at Yokoso. It came with a separate day pass for subway which could be validated later on. Buying online saved us 800yen per person.

We were famished after reaching our AirBnB. Immediately searched for food.
The first ramen experience in Japan and it was simply delicious! Came across this place randomly.

They treated cooking very seriously. Ramen was blanched according to timer into these pipping hot and rich pork bone based soup.

Topped with raw and crunchy alfalfa sprouts, a thin slice of braised pork (a mixture of lean and slightly fatty part with the skin intact) and kamaboko (The classic Japanese fish cake).

Afterwards, we spent the afternoon strolling along the famous Tenjimbashi-suji shotengai shopping street.

There's lots of duty free shopping opportunities such as beauty products and chocolates, as well as food stuff!

Yummy Takoyaki fresh from the grill. With the bonito flakes fluttering under the heat and drizzled with a generous amount of mayonnaise. It's so soft that it practically melted in the mouth.

Vivid ninja mannequin frozen in stunts above the head.

Loving all the cup noodles available from the local supermarket. Seafood flavored, curry flavored, spicy flavored.

Vending machines were everywhere in Japan, even in the most secluded neighborhood. What I really found amusing was the ability to order hot coffee from the machine during the cold winter weather :) thought the coffee was too diluted though. Ha

We called it an early day as we were already tired from the overnight flight.

Really love our tatami matted floor with Japanese style futon and bed.
I love how the toilet seats are warmed electrically! Cold toilet seat is one of the most agonizing thing to endure during the cold winter...

Nights! Stay tuned for our next adventure!

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