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Versatile Orgalac Goat's Milk review

There's a recent hype about the benefit of goat's milk. Of course I have to jump into the bandwagon and show you all what's so great about goat's milk!

Goat's milk is nutritious and high in calcium. There are some claims that those who could not tolerate cow's milk may benefit from consuming goat's milk instead. I have previously talked about infant formula based on goat's milk here.
There we go, I would like to share about Orgalac Goat's Milk this time.

Besides the benefits of goat's milk, Orgalac also contains all these wonderful active ingredients.

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That sounds like a very wacky scientific name. It's actually extracted from eggs. It's the 'bio capsule' that contains powerful ingredients to sustain life and promote healthy bone growth. For children, bonepep increases the formation of cells that helps bone to mineralise and harden. In adults, it helps to make bone dense and to achieve peak bone density , thus preventing osteoporosis.

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This is the so called golden drops produced when mothers just start to lactate after delivery. It contains concentrated levels of protein, minerals, fat soluble vitamins and antibodies essential for the survival of newborn babies. Therefore, colostrum improves immunity, promotes growth by increasing muscle mass and bone density. Of course the colostrum here is not from human, instead it's taken from bovine sources.

In spite of the wonderful addition of bonepep and colostrum, multivitamin is added into Orgalac goat's milk as well.

Orgalac is also versatile. Besides having it on its own, I have also tried

Adding Orgalac to  granola oats.

Adding Orgalac to my morning espresso shots.

Having orgalac with homemade five grain cookies.

Orgalac has a light texture and is easily dissolved using hot or cold water. Ellvita, the founder company, has managed to market a series of goat milk based products without the musky smell which I think is mainly why many people could not accept having goat's milk.

What's more is that Orgalac does not have added sugar and is suitable for the whole family. Even for young children.

I have made this short YouTube video about Orgalac goat's milk. Enjoy!

Ellvita Orgalac Original flavored Goat's milk official website.

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