Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Asian fusion cafe featuring Mak Siti Ori Cafe Kuantan food review

Opposite to a primary school and nearby to a few governmental organisation, Mak Siti Ori Cafe mainly caters to the appetite of this group of patrons. There's more than 200 options on the food and drink menu, as well as an exciting variety of dishes for lunch time.

Mak Siti Ori Cafe
Indera Mahkota 14
Taman Industri Prima Kota
Opens daily except Sunday 7am to 2am
Facebook page

We love how spacious the place is. The rattan couches are comfortable and is suitable for a lazy dinner out. The decoration is simple and elegant with a cute ice cream corner which is definitely popular with children.

Besides halal Malay dishes, they also serve authentic Chinese, Thai and Western food. Going through the menu itself is already an appetizing process. We felt like trying everything on the menu!


Mixed tempura- tiger prawn, calamari and chicken nuggets. Great finger food for snacking with awesome crunches. Dipped it in mayonnaise or chili sauce, making it a good appetizer.

Grilled lamb chop

One of the most popular dishes on the menu. This lamb leg is tender and juicy, grilled to perfection. It goes so well with their black pepper sauce which has a honey taste. With the all time favorite fries and coleslaw, it's definitely a crowd pleaser. I really like how the game smell of the lamb is not too overpowering.

Grilled chicken chop with fried rice

This choice is for someone who has difficulty choosing pure Western or Asian food. The chicken is grilled to slightly charred just like how I love my barbeque. It also comes with fries and coleslaw. The fried rice is Chinese style with eggs, finely chopped long beans and carrot. Full of the fragrance of garlic.

Mee Goreng Mak Siti

The yellow noodles is fried with their signature sauce that contains curry powder and chilli sauce. This makes the dish fragrant because chilli really brings out the flavors. The dish is made perfect with tiger prawns, chicken pieces, fish cakes and choy sum. I have to admit that it's really good that I felt like drinking the gravy and licking the plate clean :p

For the drinks, we had the special guava asamboi. Freshly pressed guava juice is combined with sour plum shredded and blended into powder. The result is an amazingly refreshing concoction work a hint of saltiness and sweetness from the sour plum. The honeydew juice is great for children because it doesn't contain added sugar.

Overall, we rate the cafe 8/10! Great for families and big group who want to eat different style of cuisine.

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