Friday, April 6, 2018

Blog Popular Dan Terbaik Malaysia MAC 2018

It's not easy to be a good influencer and blogger. Because there's a lot of work behind the articles posted. Not only is there a need for good research but we also actively look for readers and followers interested to know more about the content. It's all about branding and creating brand awareness.

The following is a list of Malaysian bloggers whom I think is doing a great job! In fact we have formed an alliance affectionately called Blogger Pantai Timur.


There are not many Malay blogs, let alone blogs from the East coast. Sis Gee loves to update her readers regarding her food and travel adventures mainly in the East coast with her family and children.

She's an inspirational and outspoken blogger and mother. It's never easy to be a full-time stay at home mom because her time is 100% devoted to her family and children but she still manages to excel. Besides blogging, sis Hawa also has a knack in designing blogs.

Abe Jaq

There aren't that many male bloggers, let alone those who are good at writing about financial matters and investment tips. Abe Jaq also posts regularly about automotive maintainence tips which is practical.

Blog Lea Azalea

Hailing from Pahang, she mainly writes about beauty products as well as lifestyle posts. We share many common interests and writes about similar products. And I have been getting lots of blogging tips from her.


Besides product review, Sheila also shares a fair bit about her own family and her awesome culinary skills. There's also regular posting about inspiring cultural and religious topics.

Cik Renex

She's among the youngest but definitely not faint hearted. I particularly enjoy her posts about handmade pillows and other creative crafts that's personal and sure to touch some hearts.

StarLavenderLuna Journal of Life

The blog owner is none other than Shikin from Kuala Terengganu who's a full-time librarian and part-time masseuse for ladies. She regularly writes about health issues for ladies particularly those in the reproductive age or are expecting.

Blog Wani Sukarno

I enjoy reading some of her creative beauty tips for example how to reconnect the broken lipstick which is practical and useful. Besides that, she also posts simple recipe ideas and about the latest Malay entertainment news.

Husein Rider

Yes he's a motorbike rider, exploring places in Malaysia. That sounds so macho! His traveling stories makes me jealous but also becomes inspiration for my future journey. This Tasik Kenyir photo makes me feel like organising a getaway this weekend.

Husniey Husain

She's also one of my favorite travel blogger. Because it's proudly made in Malaysia! Besides local destinations, she also travels regularly overseas such as Japan and Indonesia.

And of course, last but not least, Behind the scene!

This is my own blog. I have just started blogging seriously for slightly more than half a year. I have never always thought of blogging as a hobby, never a tool to earn money. My main interest is in food blogging but I have also realised that my readers are also attracted to my beauty reviews and parenting experience. Besides waiting for job offers, I also actively look for opportunities that I think would interest my readers.It's never easy juggling a full-time doctoring job not based in kl with these other commitments. Nevertheless please give me some applause for still going strong thus far!

There you go, my list of the best and most popular blogs in Malaysia March 2018!

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