Sunday, April 8, 2018

Coffee lover's haven featuring About: espresso and brew bar Kuantan

Time to explore new place again last weekend! Our team were so excited to savour our lunch in this awesome cafe in Kuantan. There are just so many hidden gems in kuantan to discover. This Asian fusion cafe has so many creative food and drink choices.

About: espresso and brew bar Kuantan
57 Lorong Seri Kuantan 65
+60 9-505 5313
Opens Wednesday to Sunday 12.30pm to 6.15pm, 8pm to 11.30pm

Specializing in coffee, this cafe is runned by a family for the past 2 years. They strive to serve fresh and homemade food too. High recommended for coffee lovers!

Honey Rose latte

I prefer novel coffee choices. This cuppa is made of moderately strong coffee infused with the taste and aroma of wild honey and rose. This gave rise to a slightly sweet overall flavor which balanced out the bitterness of coffee. Ladies will love this.

Hand brew coffee

Mr husband has a thing for hand brew coffee because he thinks that's the real way to savour the original flavor of coffee weighed and brewed with precision. Coffee beans of Costa Rica origin gave a soury yet smooth taste to the coffee. Not too overpowering though.

Charcoal waffles with salted egg sauce and ice cream

This is their signature dish! But at a glance it looks like quite an impossible combination. Crispy waffles made with charcoal-the new health trend. Topped with a generous scoop of coconut ice cream that's light in texture and flavors as well as refreshing. Drizzle this with the rich, grainy and savoury salted egg sauce, this unique taste is heavenly.

Healthy toast combinations

Pieces of toasted artisan bread with an interesting combinations of toppings. For each serving, one can choose two flavors.
We chose mayo eggs with cherry tomatoes because this is baby Bing friendly :p The other creative choice was chicken floss with dried cranberries and mayonnaise which went amazingly well together.

Baked breakfast

About: espresso and brew bar serves all day brunch which is great for those who prefers to sleep in during the weekend. This skillet is filled to the brim with splendid food. Sauteed mushroom, 2 pieces of toast with spicy tuna chutney, baked beans in tomato sauce, scrambled eggs and cured beef pan fried to crunchiness. Big portion great for those with big stomach like me. If you want more, feel free to add on sides such as smoked salmon and avocados.

After all these, we could still stomach this piece of delightful dessert. Mango cheese cake. All homemade!

Built on base of crushed digestive biscuits mixed with fragrant butter, the cream cheese layer is heavier on the lemony and creamy side. The mango topping also has a more soury taste. With the mint leave, this makes the usually heavy dessert a lot lighter in texture.

I'm looking forward to the addition of new menu options in the near future. The verdict is 8.5/10. Check the cafe out and let me know what you think!

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