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Exfoliating facial cleanser featuring

I have written about the essential steps for facial skin care here not that long ago. But this is the first time I'll be talking about facial exfoliation. Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells blocking the pores, hence making the pores less visible. It's just like sanding the wall before painting.

You may say, I don't exfoliate because my skin is too dry! Do you know that dry skin has too much flakes that may limit your skincare product penetration. Oil can also become trapped and form comedones. What about oily skin? Chemical exfoliation is the answer to penetrate the oil, remove the grime and unclog the pores. Even sensitive skin can benefit from gentle exfoliation. Find out all about exfoliation from this article at is a scrub made with natural ingredients. Not only can it be used on the face, but it's also suitable for the body..

It's free of harmful ingredients such as paraben. I have previously written about what toxic things that your cosmetic cupboard shouldn't have in this post. Halal and approved by the ministry of health, it's gonna be something great.

These are the powerful ingredients used in this skin polisher.

Activated charcoal

This is a widely used medication for detoxification in drug overdose because it's ability to extract toxins and impurities from our body. A clean face is the basis of a flawless face.

Aloe vera

A tried and tested ingredient that soothes and replenish the skin with nutrients. Great healing and hydrating power. Should be every girl's best friend on the cosmetic cupboard.

Peppermint oil

That's why the scrub is so 'spicy'! Be careful to avoid applying the scrub around the eyes because the menthol in it stings. Having said that, peppermint oil is great for the skin because it's an antiseptic, cools down the skin, brightens complexion and helps to treat acne.

Jojoba oil, coconut oil and argan oil

All these soften and moisturise the skin. Rich in vitamins and minerals to relieve pimples and ensure a glowing complexion.

After my first time using scrub, my face feels so clean and shine free. I have also noticed my skin calming down from a recent breakout after using it 3 times over the past week.

Watch my YouTube channel to find out how to use scrub ( I applied it a bit too close to my eyes, hence the stinging :p and difficulty in opening eyes)

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