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Healthy Weight Management solution featuring Iviora African Mango Cocoa S-Plus

With all the tempting food out there, it's not easy to maintain a healthy weight. Besides diet and exercise, is there any other ways to help with maintaining a healthy weight? 

This is a question I get very often from my patients. I'm often fairly sceptical about supplements as I have seen cases of kidneys and liver failing as a result.

But I'm going to introduce you all to Iviora African Mango Cocoa S plus in this article.

It's stated clearly that Iviora African Mango Cocoa S-Plus is formulated with 10 natural ingredients. It is also produced based on KKM guideline (Food Act 1983 & Food Regulations 1985). In addition, laboratory tests have shown that it is free of Sibutramine and Heavy Metals.

Formulated in Switzerland, Iviora cocoa is also vegetarian friendly, with no added sugar , no preservative, no artificial colouring and no hormonal ingredients. It contains Sinetrol® Xpur Fat Shredding Technology™ which claims to Block, Breakdown and Burn body fats.

These are the important ingredients:

Sinetrol® Xpur (Grapefruit Extract, Guarana Extract & Orange Extract)

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These are natural concentrate of polyphenols which are fat inhibitor, fat burner and antioxidant that reduce waist and hip circumference.

Carnipure™ (L-Carnitine)

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This "Fat Burning Amino Acid'  helps to support convertion of fat into energy. Hence, this promotes the formation of lean muscle without reducing water content in the body.

L carnitine is widely used for athletes around the world to enhance performance. It also plays an important role in facilitating the recovery process after physical activity.

Phase 2 Carb Controller (White Kidney Bean Extract)

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White Kidney Bean reduces the digestion and absorption of starches up to 66% and the undigested starch becomes the food source for beneficial bacteria in the colon.

What about the taste?

Absolutely chocolatey! Remember that Iviora needs to be made in warm water (recommended 200ml although I usually put 250ml) though to avoid destroying the active ingredients. Initially it had a slight bitter aftertaste. After a few days, it just tastes like normal chocolate drink.

What's the effect?

It takes about a month to achieve the weight loss effect but it energises me even after a week's consumption. It's advised that Iviora should be consumed in the morning and 30 minutes before exercise to boost metabolism.

What I love is that it doesn't cause diarrhoea because some weight loss products cause steatorrhea (basically leaking fat and also fat soluble vitamins in your faeces!) I didn't have any tummy pain after taking it. I could also have my normal meals afterwards.

I have managed to lose 3kg and 4cm waistline after consuming a month of Iviora.

To find out more about the product, please visit

Iviora official website
Facebook page

Disclaimer: the opinion given is merely a personal experience and does not constitute formal medical advice. Please seek your medical professional's advice before any complementary therapy. Always ask forb product certification before proceeding with treatment and stop if side effect ensues.

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