Monday, April 9, 2018

Optimising engagement and reach on social media marketing featuring the Socialite Media

I have started up to blog seriously for slightly more than half a year now. Previously I took blogging as more towards writing a diary. And I was oblivious to the potential it could bring.

There's a huge market out there for Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) /influencers/bloggers. This group of people is good at social media influencing. Why is social media marketing so important nowadays? Simply because people spend so much time on social media such as Facebook so much that even Mark Zuckerberg himself has to implement strategies to make more meaning social connections away from social media!

Secondly, word of mouth goes fast and a long way. Personal review and experience of someone you trust is way more important that what the brand wants to tell you. Particularly for a brand that's just going to start up. The quality of the product and service is still of paramount importance. But if there's no effective marketing and good reputation, all these will go down to drain.

So the Socialite Media helps to get the content out into the world. Great contents get no where if it doesn't reach the consumers. This is called brand awareness. Unfortunately there are so many social media platforms that it can be pretty overwhelming to manage all these for your business. Therefore, leave it to the experts like the Socialite Media.

What makes it even more complicated is that one can easily buy lots of followers. But that doesn't translate into engagement! Do you know that some just use fake account to achieve the numbers? A healthy level and organic engagement is what services such as The Socialite media offers. This means at least 10-15% of your audience should respond to your content.

Big social media platforms such as FB and IG keep changing their algorithm. So to reach the top of the game, one needs to engage expert help. For example, to make yourself heard and seen, Instagram has just launched the "explore page". That means, by using the correct and effective hashtags, the content gets seen by more and will appear on the top of the page. This is more than just using the popular hashtag because the post will just get swarmed by many more other posts. So again the level of engagement/likes/comments will determine the reach instead.
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What about the content itself? It's all about SEO (search engine optimization) and keywords! It's not just about writing something. It's about strategizing how to reach the targeted audience. That means how to get your posts seen/crawled by the search engine so it will appear in the top search results without paying the search engine. This itself can be a huge topic, so if you are interested, read this link for further clarification. So professional help is definitely needed over here.

Not only does the socialite media help one to achieve all these, they also monitor and show you statistics of the reach and engagement. That's all what a business and or KOL would love to get their hands on. It's a game and one really needs to be well verse with the rules to emerge as the cream of the crop.

Is it wrong to buy likes and followers you may ask. What I would say is it is very difficult to reach your target audience without professional help because it is no longer as simple as having good content. It's how it's being marketed and optimised for reach and engagement. All these strategies really help to reach the audience because it's easy to get lost in this huge amount of information overload in this day and age.

So head over to the Socialite Media to see how promising these all now!
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