Monday, April 2, 2018

Taiwanese Food Haven featuring 17 Minum Minum Kuantan

There's a new cafe in town! As a foodie, I have to try it out. Located at the previous spot of old skool cafe, stands a colorful new cafe- 17 Minum Minum. It's pork free so Muslim friends can also try it out.

17 Minum Minum
Address A-17 Lorong Tun Ismail 10
Facebook page
Opens daily 12pm to 12am
Phone +60 9-513 1930

Inspired by the lady boss's Taiwanese origin, the young couple decided to bring the best of Taiwanese food to Malaysia. Certain special ingredients are also imported from Taiwan, particularly their seasonings and beverages.

One can find quite a number of Taiwan street food here. They are definitely crowd pleasers and a great way to satisfy the cravings. The speed of service here is really fast so those who are really hungry, come on in!

Popcorn chicken 咸酥鸡

Freshly made upon order, its coating is crunchy and slightly sticky. The chicken is juicy and deliberately only lightly seasoned because there's a great variety of seasoning powders for us to experiment on.

The seasoning powders
- pepper salt, seaweed salt, curry powder, wasabi powder and spicy pepper
My favorite is seaweed salt and spicy pepper. It makes a simple dish versatile.

Sweet plum sweet potato 甘梅地瓜

This is also a popular Taiwanese snack. Comparing with those found in certain other Taiwan food outlet, I find the one here tastier. I love how the sweet potato here is thicker because this really brings the natural sweetness out.

The coating and sweet plum powder enhanced the flavor even more by adding some saltiness and plum-miness.

Cheesy hotdog 芝士热狗

Love how cripsy the mini hotdogs are..The cheese filling provides some surprise element for the snack. Love the pepper salt sprinkled on the hotdogs. One plate is perhaps just enough for me to satisfy the craving. Ha.

Finally moving into the main dishes.

Taiwan dry noodles 台湾炸酱面

For those who love instant noodles, this will be a great choice. The sauce is an interesting combination of fermented bean paste, thick and thin soysauce, sugar and oil. Add this appetizing combination with a sunny side up egg and raw salad leaf.

Spaghetti carbonara 白酱意大利面

Young children will love this. That's exactly why we ordered it.. Would have loved to order the spicy tuna carbonara if baby Bing wasn't around. Lol. Tiny onion cubes with capsicum, sausages and shitake mushroom. All cut to less then bite size. The carbonara sauce here is more towards the oily side but we love it nevertheless.

Chicken charcoal bun 竹炭鸡肉包

The buns here are made by the boss's family bakery. Soft, squishy and fluffy, it turned out to be baby Bing's favourite dish of the day. The chicken filling was minced and mixed with some fatty bits. A very generous portion of filling. Yum yum!

Not to forget their speciality drinks. We wanted to try so many of them!

Settled with this grassjelly milk in the end. It's a combination of fresh milk, grass jelly and coffee infused jelly. Interesting flavors. But would love to have a richer coffee taste! Biting onto the coffee jellies is an enjoyment on its own.

This mango yoghurt drink is inspired by Calpis. This combination tastes like yakult with ice. Children will love it.

Dessert is nonetheless brownies with matcha icecream made by the lady boss. I love how the top cracked a little, just like how homemade brownies should be. The chocolate is rich and sticky. The matcha icecream is smooth with strong flavors. Combining these two produces a very harmonious and blissful treat.

There are still so many things on the menu that we would love to try. Our verdict 8/10!

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