Monday, May 7, 2018

Affordable lunch sets at Samwon Kitchen Kuantan food review

Friday lunches are usually the best lunch that we can have during weekdays thanks to the longer lunch break. Have been wanting to try this place out. Finally gotten the chance to date Mr husband! This place was converted from a Japanese buffet restaurant.

SamWon Kitchen Korean Cuisine
Address A137, Jalan Haji Abdul Haziz, Kuantan
Phone +60 9-531 6996
Facebook page

Love how spacious the dining area is. Bright and inviting too. Sam Won only serves their lunch sets during the busy lunch hours. It's a great selection of satisfying Korean food. We didn't have too much time otherwise would have tried the Korean BBQ.

Kim chi stew with rice

My all-time favorite. Fiery and appetizing kimchi stew with fresh squid rings, prawns, silky tofu, egg and a very generous portion of kimchi, capsicum, spring onions and brown onions. Finish every single drop of the soup even though it's spicy. Wallop the bowl of rice down in no time.

The Korean fried rice set is enough to fit two. The equally hot kimchi colours the dish dark red. A huge portion of brocolli, kimchi, onions, spring onions and chilli stir fried with slightly sticky rice. It's made perfect with a sunny side up egg which has a half cooked egg yolk. My favourite way to have eggs!

All Korean dishes also come with a great selection of side dishes. Macaroni in mayonnaise, preserved brinjals, kombu, kimchi (just can't get enough of it!), dried fried seaweed and preserved cucumber. We didn't even ask for refill because we were so full after the two dishes.

Each set also comes with a complimentary glass of fruit juice. Freshly pressed, not cordial. We had apple and orange juice respectively.

Our verdict 8.5/10! Lunch set great for value and equally yummy. Shall be back for their BBQ in no time.

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