Thursday, May 17, 2018

Delicious Happy Garden 美味园 Kuantan Chinese Cuisine food review

Do you know that Delicious Happy Garden is another great place to have Chinese cuisines in kuantan? Recently bought over by a new management team, it's now about 8 months old already! It's just behind SJK(C) Pooi Chai.

Delicious Happy Garden 美味园
1424, Jln Air Putih, Lorong Galing 128
Opens Wednesday to Monday 5pm-12am (rest on every alternate Tuesday)
Phone 0169229623

The head chef has previously worked at Mexica Garden (a well-known banquet style Chinese restaurant), as well as MS Garden hotel. We were already having high expectations at the sound of this. Let's see if they live up to the expectations!

Tilapia ginger hotpot姜爆红非洲煲

Fresh raw tilapia cooked in whole using the casserole in a pot of minced ginger and onion soup. The result is an extremely soft and tender flesh without the earthy taste. Simply heavenly. But it could be better if the soup is more flavoursome. It's a skill to maintain the suitable heat to keep the ingredients from becoming charred.

Mayonnaise prawns 风味虾

Fresh and juicy prawns deep fried coated with a layer of mayonnaise mixed with other condiments (secret recipe k), resulting in this slightly yellowish coating. Always one of my favorite.

Signature fried pork belly 招牌姜爆花肉

Pork belly thinly sliced and marinated in honey before being deep fried until the fat melted till golden brown then stirred fried with julienned onions. A great appetizer and snacks if one wishes to have a beer or two. Love how crunchy and sweet the pork is.

Fried pork chop 香炸花肉

Pork chop marinated in fermented bean curd paste then fried until the outside is crunchy and golden. The meat is half lean and half fatty, making the overall combination moist and soft. It's then sliced and plated in bite sized pieces. A hakka style pork chop that's also great as a side dish.

Homemade tofu皇妃豆腐

Tofu made on site to achieve this soft silky texture. Fried slightly on the outside. Sandwich with shitake mushroom and carrot slice and surrounded by blanched brocolli. Drizzled with thickened oyster sauce. Baby Bing's favorite and we only get to have a slice of tofu each.

Braised pork with peanuts花生闷扣肉

Again, three layered pork (fatty and lean layers intertwine with each other) braised in soy based sauce together with peanuts and steamed for at least 4 hours. The result is such a comfort food choice that simply melts in the mouth.

Mixed fried vegetables 芹香小炒

A combination of sliced celery, lotus root, french beans, red carrot and black fungus. Stir fried at high heat so that the vegetables are just cooked and remain crunchy and fresh.

That's quite a feast for 2 adults and a toddler! We enlist the help of the co-owner and her daughter so these good food would not go to waste. Price wise also fairly affordable. Besides this, they also accept buffet orders for occasions such as birthday parties.

Our verdict is 8/10! Found another place to have family dinner. Would love to try their crabs in the near future.

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