Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Grand Imperial Sunway Pinnacle

Wanting to have some grand and delicious Chinese cuisine? Boasting a huge ball room and private suite, Grand Imperial is the place to be if you feel like splurging.

Grand Imperial Restaurant Sunway Pinnacle
101 Pinnacle Annex, Persiaran Sunway, Bandar Sunway
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Updated visit in 2020 during RMCO.
We managed to savour our dinner in a private suite so we can dine in ease without worrying about running children. Note that sealable plastic bags were available to safekeep our face masks.

Look at my happy children running around and yelling "lanterns!"

Peking duck spring rolls, minced pork tofu, steam prawns, hotplate salted fish fried vege and I must say their fried rice was super impressive!
Dessert: Almond milk, sweet potato puff with sesame (must try!), mango strawberry dessert soup and osmanthus jelly. 

Below was our first visit in 2018. I think my photography skills have improved a lot in the past 2 years.

Appetizer is mini anchovies coated in tempura powder and fried. Gives a popping sensation when one bites into it. Taking it with the peanut makes me wanna eat it nonstop.

Peking duck

But the duck actually hailed from London with such cripsy skin that I couldn't find any fat underneath and tender meat that came off the bone easily. We have the luxury of the duck slices cut and readily wrapped in warm steamed popiah skin with refreshing cucumber and spring onion. Just need to pop it into the mouth to relive the goodness.

Duck noodles

The whole roast duck is then prepped in the kitchen to produce this noodle dish. I like how soft the meat is in contrast with the slightly chewy thin noodles fried at the right heat in caramel sauce.

Spinach and bean curd skin soup

Never thought of this interesting combination. The beancurd skin is soft enough but not falling apart. The spinach adds on to the sweetness of the soup together with the gochi berries. Great choice for cold weather and young children.

Fried oyster mushrooms

Coated and fried till golden and cripsy outside, it's also flavored with salted egg, the trend in Asian dishes recently. The salted egg made the tempura batter less dry and adds on to the texture. I can never resist fried oyster mushrooms, let alone one that's plated so nicely.

Baby French bean rolls

Another elegantly plated dish. The freshness and crunchiness of the lightly blanched bean, wrapped in cripsy and salty bacon. The exterior lightly dusted with some chicken floss. A very creative combination that looks so good in terms of colors, as well as winning in the taste.

Grilled pork chop

This may look like a simple pork chop but look deceives. Marinated and grilled to perfection, the meat is so juicy, soft and tender unlike any other pork chop that I have ever had. Maybe the secret is the Spanish origin of the pork?

Steamed tofu with pork belly

Another dish that children will love. The tofu is silky and soft that baby Bing finishes it all by himself. The braised pork belly is so soft that everything just melts in the mouth. Marinated so well that all the flavors are fully infused.

Fish cake

At a glance I thought it's cripsy like crackers. But it's actually fried on the outside but soft like fish ball on the inside. Nice springy texture. The dipping sauce tastes kind of like green curry but a stronger hint of mint. Yum!

Our verdict 9/10! Delicious food made with lots of care and effort but the price tag is equally high. Want to spend and eat like a King, try Grand Imperial out.

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