Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Kad Ceria for federal territories in Malaysia

I have good news for KL people! Have you heard of Kad Ceria? It gives you so much discounts so you definitely need to know about it. The cost of living is going up exponentially and there's no way it's coming down anytime soon. But your voices are heard! There you go, a simple analysis about Kad Ceria by the government for the people. Kudos to KL town council for this initiative!

The official website is
Facebook page
Who can use it?
All residents in the federal territories of KL, Labuan and Putrajaya.

Who are the merchants that have participated?

There are over 3490 merchants involved! That sounds insane to me.
Card holders can enjoy up to 70% discounts for participating outlets. Those who want to rent the chosen facilities from the KL , Putrajaya and Labuan Town Council will also get it at a discounted rate. From supermarket such as KK, eateries like Kenny Rogers and book stores such as Borders, Kad Ceria all has it covered. Who doesn't love discounts?
You can find the whole list here. Obviously I cannot believe listing everyone here :p

Since it's that good, how do I get one?

Simply get onto this page to check your eligibility.

Can you believe that 51096 people have already signed up for this but you have just heard about it?

After submitting the application, you can also check the application status online.
Approved applicants can then collect their card with their names printed from these following offices. It's very convenient because KL alone has more than 5 centers available for collection such as Kepong, Cheras, Bandar Tun Razak and Bukit Bintang.

As if having discounts itself is not attractive enough, there's also Kad Ceria carnival.
Official website

This means one can even use Kad Ceria to get discounted rates for joining various activities such as

Sports events like Amona street soccer challenge

Leisure events like coloring competition for school aged children

 I personally think that this is a positive step of showing how the government wants to take up social responsibilities and help the people to deal with the unbearable living cost. The various activities organised also create a sense of belonging for the people of KL to stick together. Too bad I'm not living in one of the federal territories! But those eligible should definitely get one!

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