Sunday, May 6, 2018

KarRatz Cafe Kuantan halal food review

Great for those who are really hungry and are looking for great Malay or Western food that's of decent portion and nice atmosphere. It's conveniently located just opposite to Mahkota Gold Club Center.

KarRatz Cafe
Address A15, Lorong Indera Mahkota 14/32
Facebook page
Phone +60 12-900 3245
Opens Tuesday to Sunday 12pm to 12am

The menu here are all named using different cars. Fairly unique and interesting. The decoration is really striking and cool using a huge mural depicting cars. Various car parts are also used in the cafe as decorations. Funky and attractive.


A fantastic spread of Malay rice dish. Fried whole pomfret coated lightly with salted flour with soft flesh and cripsy skin. The ulam tastes like rocket salad with chunks of cucumber, slices of tomato. Dip the fish in either Birdseye chilli with soy sauce, sambal belacan or curry gravy. It's quite spicy and appetizing.

Fugu Z aka Cheeza

A great Western choice. It's a generous portion of crumbed chicken chop topped with delicious melted mozarella cheese that warrants a cheese pull video. The sauce is tomato based with capcisum and onions. Side dishes are fresh garden salad dressed with thousand island sauce, a greath scoop of mashed potato, as well as coleslaw.


A great choice for young children. Baby Bing enjoyed throughly the macaroni in eggy creamy sauce with slices of sausages, diced capsicum, thin mushroom slices and chicken breast pieces. Not too forget the two juicy beef balls! Easy to eat and Bing managed to finish three quarters of it in no time.


A highly recommended dessert by KarRatz. Homemade brownie that's very chocolatey but slightly on the dry side with a great selection of nuts. Crunchy and dense. And goes very well with the lightly textured cream and strawberry. Particularly love the vanilla ice cream which is mixed with peanut butter and chocolate. Yum yum!

The drink selection is also a combination of Malay and Western choices.

Soda herbs

An exciting combination of soda water, mint leaves, lemongrass stalk, lemon slices, plums and lychee. This creates a whole new flavour which is sweet, slightly sour and refreshing.

Iced coffee

A lovely glass of black coffee with the popular evaporated milk great for coffee lovers on a hot day.

Our verdict 8.5/10. Many exciting menu choices and stay tuned for the upcoming ramadhan buffet menu in mid May! Efficient service and great tastes! 

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