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Tappers Cafe Food Review @Jaya One PJ

Founded by a group of Malaysians in their 50s to 60s, the influence from the colonial era was still strong. This gave rise to Tappers cafe inspired by popular snack bars headed by Hainanese chefs who were experts in both local and Western cuisines. This franchise can also be found in Malacca and Ipoh.

Tappers Cafe
Ground floor, Block D, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya
Phone +60 3-7955 1689
Official website
 page https://www.facebook.com/tapperscafemalaysia/

On this lazy Sunday morning, our small family of 3 woke up late just in time for a brunch at Tappers. Met Micheal and Florence who are the masterminds behind the delicious menu. The new breakfast and lunch menu have just been launched! Lucky us.

Really enjoy hanging around and looking at these old schooled framed photos. Very retro. The baby-boomers will relate easily to the decoration and food. It's not easy to choose from such a great variety of dishes that's very much affordable even for students. We ended up over ordering :p

K-pop chicken wings

Started snacking on these delicious chicken wings. It looks very spicy but looks can be deceiving. It's actually on the sweet side, sticky and finger licking good just like the spicy keropok that we had in school.

American breakfast

A hearty selection of 4 pancakes, sausage, chicken ham and 2 sunny side up eggs. Can easily be shared between 2! The pancakes are really commendable because they smell heavenly buttery, are light and fluffy. They also go very well with the maple syrup which is fragrant and just has the right amount of sweetness.

Salted egg chicken burger

I would say this new item in the menu is a must try! Just looking at it is enough to make me drool. A cripsy chicken fillet still juicy inside layered with this generous cheddar cheese and salted egg sauce. The lettuce gives a refreshing twist to the dish. The wedges add on to the calories that's well worth to have though.

Soysauce chicken with rice

This old timer is great for those who is craving for comfort food. Sweet soy quarter chicken marinated and braised till tender and falling off the bones with extra sauce available for dipping. A serving of rice that's soaked in the same sauce. Yum yum!

Hainanese chicken chop

This is a great example of Asian and Western fusion. 2 pieces of chicken fillet with skin coated with a crunchy layer of tempura which is then drizzled with tomato based sauce and green peas. The sides are boiled potato and carrot chunks. Have it fast to enjoy the full flavour!

Spaghetti carbonara

Another all-time favorite that's also popular with children. You can never go wrong with a generous portion of spaghetti cooked in wonderfully thick cream sauce, mushroom slices, chicken ham and lots of cheese powders and more upon request! The only thing is that I would really love to have more sauce because it's good!

Mee Siam

Together with nasi lemak, one can easily call Mee Siam the Malaysian breakfast choice. This classic dish with a Thai origin is vermicelli fried in spices, tamarind and fermented soy bean, goes well with a fresh squeeze of lime and the fried tofu squares.

The choices of beverage at Tappers cafe are a combination of traditional or modern ones.


This is a very decent cuppa even for Mr hubby who's particular about his coffee. Craving of the day satisfied with this warm cup of coffee.

Cookies and cream milkshake

Always have to order something baby Bing will drink. The whole thing just tastes like cookies and cream ice cream and we both down every single drop. But obviously not a great choice every meal because of the calories.

Our verdict 8/10! Love the ambience, family friendly, a wide variety of menu to satisfy everyone's appetite and cheap. Can't wait for the kuantan branch to reopen!

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