Saturday, May 5, 2018

Teratai Chini Shell Ouch halal food review

This is such a hidden gem in kuantan town area. Cheap and fresh seafood that's yummy at the same time too. Owned by a young couple who vows to only deliver the freshest seafood to their customers and conveniently located just opposite to kuantan river.

Teratai Chini Shell Ouch
40, Jalan Teluk Sisek Kuantan
Opens Tuesday to Sunday 5pm to 1am
Facebook page

Believe it or not, the owners actually travel everyday to Rompin as well as Kamunting to source for the freshest ingredients. They refuse to serve frozen seafood and are willing to throw away seafood that's no longer fresh. Unfortunately that also means that we have to wait till July each year to savour fresh crabs because it's not the season at the moment.

Rehydrate ourselves with this huge watermelon juice for the couple. At just RM10, we were provided with freshly pressed watermelon juice which we only managed to finish half and have to pack the other half. Very generous portion.

There are 3 choices for the shellout sauce. Original spicy sauce, butter sauce or black pepper sauce with the former two more popular. From a two person set to a 4 person American lobster set, it's a luxurious spread.

We ordered set E Ratah. It came with a generous portion of green mussles, lala, cockles, prawns and squid. Yummylicious! We decided to go without the rice because we just want to fill our stomach with seafood.

The original sauce has quite a kick! Spicy, full of flavors and rich. So the watermelon juice really comes in handy. Very appetizing and make us want to gobble everything up. One is expected to eat using their bare hands and the table is already layered with a plastic sheet which you can also double up as your tapao sheet haha.

The butter sauce, on the other hand, is very different. Combined with curry leaves and some birds eye chilli, it has a much milder buttery and thick creamy texture. It's fairly filling though. The seafood is cooked to just the right time so it's still tender and juicy.

Their Mee Goreng basah is also tasty. The noodles are springy, sauce made from soy sauce, oyster sauce and chili flakes. Love how they also put in some fresh seafood on there.

Overall verdict is 8.5/10! The freshness and the taste and of course the price beats everything else.

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