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Eatea Thai Malaysia fusion cafe Kuantan food review

This is our second time doing food review at Eatea. Love how much the owner adapt these delicious Thai food into Malaysian style. Sam is a foodie himself who is very much into Thai food. So he decides to bring it near him and everyone else in kuantan. Read my previous review here.

EATEA cafe
B1679 Lorong Air Putih 2 kuantan
Opens daily 11.30am to 10pm
Facebook page

This time round Sam also extended the invitation to Jack Chan, my colleague and fellow blogger at
So glad to have him on board!

And we were there to witness the unveiling of the new luxurious seafood platter! At the NP price of RM118, the introductory price is only RM99 now. And you hear me, June birthday boy/girl gets another 10% off!

Seafood platter

Tada, the glorious seafood platter. It's a selection of fresh mini lobsters, squid, clams, mussels, bamboo clams, homemade fishballs, half boiled eggs, braised eggplants and rice noodles all placed elegantly on this lovely platter cooked in the sauce of your choice.

The classic pee sat (Thai laksa) has this soury flavor stemming from the freshly preserved asam juice, as well as the slight spiciness from the chilli. Sam told us that the Thai asam is 5 times more pricey than our local asam because it's so fresh and minimally processed. It's very appetizing and really brings out the natural sweetness of the seafood well. Besides that, one can also choose the popular Tom Yum flavor.

Thai fish- sweet and sour

The other great dish to try is their fish. Instead of the widely available steam fish with lime and garlic (Pla Neung Manao), Eatea serves this grouper fish fried into golden crispiness then cooked in this sweet and sour sauce (which leans more on the sour side) with cauliflower, carrot, cabbage and long beans. Even though the whole dish looks so orangey, it's only mildly hot to taste.

Kung Pao Chicken wings

Chicken drummets marinated in this sticky caramel sauce that's sweet in flavor. Stir fried in spring onion and onions, it's different from the usual Kung Pao which has a lot of dried chilli.

Fried kangkung/water spinach

Kangkung is one of Thai favorite vegetables. Instead of the classic kangkung belacan, this is simply kangkung stir fried over high heat with garlic and chilli called 'Fai Daeng'. This leaves the vegetables still crunchy and fresh infused with the fragrance of garlic.

For baby Bing, we ordered a rice noodle cooked in clear soup. The soup is sweet and made of radish, one of my favorite soup! Combined with springy fish balls, fish cake and iceberg lettuce, baby Bing easily ate half of the bowl. But I prefer to add in the chilli flakes provided for an extra punch.

The list of Thai beverage here is fairly comprehensive. It's also very colorful and suits the sweet tooth. Most of the beverages are added with evaporated milk and condensed milk.

Nom Keaw- This drink has a fruity taste similar to melon juice.

Nom Yean (Thai Bandung)- It tastes just like our syrup drink, only that it's sweetened by honey!

Cha Yan (Thai milk tea)- besides the obvious taste of black tea, Thai milk tea has its own unique fragrant smell that really is hard to describe so I suggest you to try it out!

3 layer Cha Keaw (Green tea)- besides the really strong kick of green tea, it also has a hint of Jasmine. Be rest assured that only actual Gula Melaka/palm sugar is used at Eatea.

3 layer Cha Yan- I would say this is our favorite. Concentrated milk tea with the fragrance of palm sugar well infused throughout. Just our cup of tea!

This video summed up our dining experience. Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more updates about great food and products!

We rate our dining experience at Eatea 8/10! Can't wait to try their Thai Western menu soon.

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