Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Let's go on a shopping spree with Mall Dash

Shopping now is easier than ever! If you don't enjoy online shopping and still love to walk around the shopping mall, Mall Dash is definitely a great app to have.

I downloaded the MallDash app using Google Play. Within a few seconds, I logged on using my Facebook account and tada the information about 50odd shopping malls all across Malaysia is within my fingers' reach.

Even for Kuantan town itself, the East Coast Mall is listed! I can browse for all the available discounts and all the available stores with a few clicks.

What's more interesting is that I can even 'dash' to from one point of the mall to another using directions provided on the app. Great for someone like me who just can't remember my way around the place.

In the Klang valley, one can also browse through the many shopping sites to get information about opening hours, parking rates and available brands.

Planning to eat out? Many stores also have their menus included in the app so one can even plan for the dishes and budget early on.

What are you waiting for? Get your own MallDash app using my referral code AngelHo338

Sign up now to get RM25 shopping vouchers at a few outlets of your choice.

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