Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Nivea Pearl White cleanser review

Nivea is such a household name and one of my favorite skincare range since my teenage years. From cleanser, moisturizer to deodorant, I have tried so many of their products. And I'm glad to introduce you all to the Nivea Pearl White cleansers. There are two cleansers that I have tried. Nivea Pearl White caring whip facial cleanser and super mousse facial cleanser.

What's common between the two cleansers are the use of pearl extract. Pearl has been used in Asia for centuries in skincare products. It's touted to be the panacea to many skin problems that some ladies even add pearl powder into their beverage. Not only is it a strong antioxidant, it also brightens complexion, fades uneven pigmentation, lightens acne scar and treats acne. The polyacrylic acid found in pearls nourishes and rejuvenates the skin. Read more about pearl here.

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Reading between the fine lines revealed another crucial ingredient used in this cleanser- glycyrrhiza glabra root extract aka liquorice. Glabridin helps to diminish the appearance of under eye circles and uneven pigmentation. Licochalcone, on the other hand, maintains the oil balance on our skin.

Pearl White caring whip facial cleanser

This is in the form of the usual foaming cream cleanser. So I shouldn't need to explain how to use it. Troubled by my recent acne breakout (the reason I'll let you all know in due time), I'm looking for something exactly like this. Containing 0% alcohol, it cleanses effectively and fast while moisturizing the skin. Am hoping to show you all results of my clear skin soon!

Pearl White super mousse facial cleanser

Watch my short video at the end about how to use the mousse. Love how soft and fluffy it felt on my skin. I actually put the mousse to some test because it's stated to be able to deeply cleanse even makeup residues with micro cottony rich foam. The dense foam is all what's counts!

Even after applying layers of eyeliner, brow pencil and lipstick onto the back of my hand, the mousse cleared it off effectively in less than a minute. And it's also suitable for those with eczema because it contains no alcohol, soap, colorants, mineral oil, silicon or paraben.

And what's more! It doesn't have a hefty price tag. So I can go away and introduce this to all my friends and tell them that good skincare doesn't have to be expensive.

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