Thursday, June 7, 2018

Star city street kopitiam Kuantan food review

The weather had been so incredibly hot that people look for air conditioned dining areas. There are so many choices around my part of the town and Star City Street Kopitiam is definitely one of the top choices. The first branch was of course opened in Star City along Jalan Beserah but the new branch just opened in the past year.

Star City Street Kopitiam
Opens 10am to 10pm daily
Facebook page
A137, GF, Bangunan Sri Prima, Jalan Abdul Aziz

Terengganu mini bun

Imported from Terengganu, these mini buns are baked with so much butter that it's fragrant and soft and the same time. Dipped in peanut butter or Kaya, it's an appetizing snack. We highly recommend this.

Prawn dumpling

I have not noticed their dim sum selections before this. Because there are 400 over choices in the menu! But this proves to be a good choice as the skin of the dumpling is just the right thickness and the prawns fresh.

Black pepper beef rice

This is one of the favorite dishes, especially the Malay patrons. We love how the black pepper is not too overpowering but just enough to cover the aftertaste of the beef which some don't like. The portion is generous with enough beef slices to feed two even. The beef is also tender and not chewy.

Kopitiam tomyum seafood soup

Being another popular dish, especially among the ladies, we have to give it a try. The Tom Yum here is mild to taste and not too spicy. One can choose from noodles, meehoon and rice noodles. The portion is equally generous. The ingredients includes squid, prawns, enoki mushrooms,fishball and fish cake.

Kid's meal

Spaghetti carbonara set

Even though it's advertised as such, it can easily feed an adult! The carbonara is so creamy and the sauce is thick, just the way I like it. Sprinkled with some black pepper corns, cooked with chicken ham and mushroom. This is definitely children's favorite. The sides are french fries, salad with cherry tomato, as well as finger food like sausage and chicken nugget. Not to forget the popular yakult drink.

Honey Mint Lemonade

As I haven't been feeling so well, this drink provides a great refreshing taste that relieves nausea and giddiness. The taste is heavier on the honey side with a hint of lemon and a free sprigs of mint that is bursting in flavor when bitten.

Signature Mango Milk

Being a huge fan of mango, Mr husband will grab any chances at trying out a mango beverage. This is a mango slushie with added pearls. We love how the mango tasted like real mango not just cordial.

The conclusion is 7.5/10! There are so many other dishes to try from that you will definitely see us posting about them from time to time. 

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