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Bioxcellent Slenbrn review

During our blogger family trip at Gambang, we were introduced to Bioxcellent range of health beverages. Mr husband got to try Slenbrn berry drinks.

Bioxcellent is a great blend of botanical goodness. Read about harnessing the goodness of phytonutrient from my previous blog post here. The same post also explained about why is it important to make sure the supplementary products you used is approved by GMP. Bioxcellent is also a winner of the Asia Pacific Super Health Brand Excellence. 
Enjoying having Bioxcellent at Bukit Gambang resort

Official website for Bioxcellent

So what are the important ingredients?

Raspberry &Cranberry
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Besides anthocyanins, other important phytonutrients in raspberries include ellagic acid, quercetin and vitamin C. As for cranberries, polyphenols (particularly proanthocyanidins), vitamin C and flavonoids. These are important antioxidants which has anti-aging and anti-cancerous properties.

Carcinia Cambogia/Malabar tamarind
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This is a tropical fruit famous for weight loss effect. These are theoretical effects from hydroxycitric acid  and an increased level of serotonin after consuming this fruit. This results in fat burning, lowered cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Read more about this fruit on WebMD.

Hoodia/bushman's hat

An interesting import from Kalahari Desert, it contains lots of hoopla. This may suppress appetite.

Green coffee

These are coffee seeds that haven't been roasted to maintain the levels of chlorogenic acid which enhances metabolism leading to weight loss.

L cartinine 

This amino acid helps the body produce energy. It is important for heart, muscle and brain function.

Watch this short video about how a great glass of Bioxcellent Slenbrn is made. It boosts Mr husband's energy and helped him through a physically challenging day at Gambang Resort.

I didn't try because I am expecting and also breastfeeding at the same time as stated on their official website. According to Mr husband, it tastes like a fresh berry drink. The color is slightly cloudy pink but it can vary as fresh products are used. 

Personally, the drink is very easy to prepare. And Mr husband just have it before he heads out for some badminton or running. A quick way to get a great beverage to replenish his energy during immense exercise. He likes it how the taste is natural and not too sweet. One important thing to remember is that one needs to drink at least 2 litres of water to wash out toxins and to help with the fat burning process. 

A little setback is that he does feel giddy for about an hour. I have clarified with their product specialist. This is harmless and can happen because increased metabolism rare. And it's recommended for him to consume half a spoon every day instead. I really like their post sale customer service who replied my queries within a few hours.
This is their official contact number.
016-316 3069

As for myself, I am open to supplements which complies to the necessary regulations. Supplements in general are fairly safe for young healthy individuals.  But remember to follow the all the recommended directions. However, for patients who have medical conditions especially lovel and kidney problems, it's best not to consume any supplements without consulting healthcare professionals. 

Bioxcellent is very transparent in this respect by listing out the people who should not consume this product. This includes expecting or breastfeeding mothers, those who have migraine, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic medical illness. Be very careful when certain supplements claim it can cure illness because it's almost always untrue and a lot of permanent irreversible damage can be done. 

Besides Slenbrn, Bioxcellent also has a range of other interesting supplements
-Guot Xcid (help with joint pain)
-W.line fibre(help with indigestion and constipation)
-Tripeptide Colla W. Diamond (maintain youthful skin)
-Cupplus white (for skin whitening and maintaining elasticity)

So how can one get hold on this supplement? It's not difficult to find Bioxcellent range of products because it's sold exclusively through Watson.

Disclaimer: the opinion given is merely a personal experience and does not constitute formal medical advice. Please seek your medical professional's advice before any complementary therapy. Always ask for product certification before proceeding with treatment and stop if side effect ensues.

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