Sunday, July 8, 2018

Bukit Gambang Safari Park review

Bukit Gambang Resort is the nearest and the best theme park around Kuantanese. We have explored both the water park and the Safari when we were both single. Now it's time to return for family fun! There's just too much to write about and I'll focus on the Safari park.

This is a brief itinerary designed for our blogger family trip. A great and fruitful 3 days 2 nights indeed!

We started our safari adventure by hopping onto the Safari tram! Note that at Bukit Gambang Resort City, one can commute using these trams without using your own car. So sit back and relax. The kids were excited about the bumpy ride. We had Mr Tajudin a very experienced guide to talk us though the 30min safari tour.

Most of the adults went on to an ATV adventure into the Safari. It took some guts and real driving skills to maneuver this machine. I didn't join the rest because it's not recommended for pregnant ladies or children. Mr husband had a great time watching African/Malaysian wildlife close and upfront with the rest of the team. Be rest assured that the ATV course excluded sections with wild predators for obvious safety reasons though.

From African antelopes, water buffaloes, goats to Friesian cows, we got to understand more about these wild lives and watched them in the wild. The more exciting bits were about the predators such as crocodiles, hyenas and lions. Unfortunately, the Malayan tiger was no where to be found in his enclosure.

Luckily, we were then led to the Predator show. Being the first of its kind in South East Asia, these ferocious predators showcased their feeding habits in the big enclosure. Rangers placed pieces of bait in the show area and the animals were left on their own to show the audience what they do. The most exciting part was possibly how the Malayan tiger was able to swim across to feed on chicken pieces.

Shortly afterwards, we moved on to the wonderful birds' show very popular with children. Trained Professor parrot was able to answer mathematical questions and spell words chosen by the audience. Impressive! Baby Bing thoroughly enjoyed the part where a multicolored parrot flew from his hand holding a RM5 note back to the trainer. He couldn't stop reminiscing the moment when we asked him whether he wanted to have the same experience :) And we were all entertained when the 'sexy' flamingoes in cute pink skirts came running across the stage.

The multi animal show was equally interesting. From watching a cute cattle drinking milk from a bottle to white handed gibbon climbing across the rope, the animals were so adorable. I really admired the courage of a young boy holding on to a heavy python. After much coaxing, baby Bing stroke the python at the end of the show (Not that I would dare to do! Ha) I think these shows really taught him how important it is to care for wild animals and their habitat.

There wasn't much time to stroll around because there was just so many animals to learn about! But we did have some time enjoying the company of the marmosets, sun bear and the petting area (chicken, rabbits and goats).

Dinner was also a unique experience- Dining with the white lion! We throughly enjoyed a buffet spread of local and western cuisines with the company of the white lion and lioness. These are African lions and born white, not albino. Knowing that they sleep for 20hours a day, it's not easy to catch a glimpse of them active on the other side of the glass.

The day was not over yet! The exhilarating African Yabara fire show was nothing but filled of stunts. From spinning the fire torches and juggling the torches, the performers also spit and swallow fire! Very dangerous act that I really would not dare to try.

We ended the night with the action filled Tarsan adventure show. The story was about how a group of human was trying to kidnap a sun bear. But the gorilla and Tarzan came to the rescue in time. There was lots of rope swinging, gun shooting and explosion including explosion in the water. Very exciting plot but also a bit scary for the young children but we were warned beforehand and baby Bing was able to enjoy the show. Catch the night safari shows on my Facebook Live.

Fire show 
Tarzan show

There's just so much to write about the safari! I have made a short video. Enjoy and come experience the magic of the wildlife here. Great holiday package and discounts await you. Contact me for details.  Don't forget it's only 40 minutes drive from Kuantan!

I'm glad other bloggers also had a great time at the Safari. Please refer to their blog posts here.


Till then stay tuned for many other product/food review that I received during the trip :)

Bukit Gambang Resort City Official Website


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