Sunday, July 15, 2018

Hersday takes care of woman's intimate needs

Being a woman, there's no avoidance of the monthly occurrence of menstruation. This is an open secret. There are many alternative names used to disguise it 'aunt Flo visiting', 'struck down with girl flu', some even call it 'having technical difficulties'.

It's a time when women often feel emotional, nothing seems to be able to cheer them up when they feel yucky down below.

And the hormonal changes just make them feel horrible which often involves collateral damage ha. So it's extremely important to have a good sanitary pads to help with the woes.

I have received 3 variety of sanitary pads from Hersday. It's shipped from China so be patient. It took about a month before mine arrived in the mail though.  I really love the packaging because it's compact and light. This can easily fit into my lady bag at any time.

The three varieties:
Liner 160mm
Great for usual days to absorb the vaginal discharge.

Daily use 245mm
This comes with wings to avoid leaking.

Night use 290mm
The extra length makes sure that one can sleep peacefully and not worried about staining the linen.

I used to be a Whisper/Laurier girl but it's always good to get to try out new pads.

What I really love about Hersday is that the sanitary pads are made of a material that is soft, more paper like and with less those annoying plastic edges. Hands up for those who have problems after a few days of menses. My skin around that intimate area is very sensitive. Even with changing the pads twice to thrice a day, the skin still gets irritated by the plastic wings and often feels burnt or itchy :( the worst feeling when the V area is already leaking away.

What I have not tried before are scented pads because I'm worried that the added perfumes/fragrances are going to make the sensitive skin worse. Not with hersday though. All the varieties are lightly scented to help maintain the feeling of freshness with a long busy day ahead. And surprise! I have not had any problems with it after a week's use. It does give a slight airy/minty feeling down below for the first half an hour or so but it slowly fades away during the day.

All these attributes will not help if the pad doesn't have good absorbency. And don't worry, watch my video below. Not only does Hersday absorb better, it also keeps the  surface of the pad dry. I have purposely poured more fluid over the Hersday daily use pad but it's still a convincingly better outcome.

If these aren't enough to convince you, listed are the 6 reasons why you should use Hersday.
- Dries 9 Times Quicker
- Absorbs 3 Times Better
- Free Shipping
- No Hidden Fee
- 100% Risk-FREE Money Back Guarantee
- Part of their profits will be donated to the Breast Cancer Community

For every sales we make, $0.20 will be donated to Breast Cancer Organization. So head on to this link to make your first purchase now. Make yourself feel happier and more confident during the crampy week and do charity at the same time!

Hersday official website
Hersday Instagram
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