Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Making breastfeeding easy with Shapee

It's never easy to breastfeed. It is not as natural and easy as it seems. Both the mother and the baby have to learn about it. Not everyone can breastfeed successful from day one. Not only does one need the necessary skills and determination, one also needs good equipments. This includes good nursing bras and nursing pads.

Leaking was a particular challenge for me during the first few months because I was exclusively pumping for the first 6 weeks as baby Bing can't latch yet. Subsequently, if work gets too hectic and I missed my pumping schedule, I'll have some leaking too. So nursing pads are very important to me. I suggest good quality ones with a waterproof layer facing the bra to avoid embarrassing leaking through the work shirt.

Shapee Disposable Nursing Pad has proven to be effective and user friendly. Each pack came in 30 pieces. The following are the special features.

•    Ultra-Thin Design - 1mm thickness for extra comfort
•    Dri-Comfy Technology – stay dry for longer hours
•    Ultra-Water Absorber – absorb up to 55ml breastmilk
•    3D shaped design – comfortably and discreet fit even when wet
•    Leak Proof Coverage – lock core helps absorb breastmilk for long
lasting protection
•    Double Anti-Slip Adhesive Strips – Peace of mind when on-the-go
•    Made in Korea
•    Retail Price: RM18.90 (introductory price: RM13.90)

If you would like to know more go to their official link here.

I have made a video and put the nursing pads to test. After instilling about 10ml of fluids, the pads remained dry on the surface and even with dapping. And it's easy to attach the pads to the bra. Previously I have used washable pads but they tend to develop a milky smell after a few hours and the absorbency was always a problem.

Shapee's Seamless Nursing Bra is an award winning nursing bra. I personally find it difficult to get a nursing bra that's affordable yet comfortable. The ones without padding at all risk revealing the nipple from the outside of the work shirt. With too much padding, it becomes uncomfortable and difficult to expose the breast for direct latching. Shapee provides just the correct amount of padding and support to these milk factories without using underwire with easily accessible clips for breastfeeding.

  • 3D seamless design provides comfort all day long and virtually invisible under clothing 
  • Comfortably fit and support your changing shape each step of the way.
  • 4 hooks & extensions for greater adjustability
  • Reinforced non-slip straps for total support and comfort
  • Removable foam cups provides greater flexibility.

Where to buy?

Shapee brand store (
Alternatively, you may wish to visit your nearest independent or chain baby
store at
Quote 10dnpblogger18 (10% discount) for the nursing pads!

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