Saturday, July 14, 2018

McDonald's D24 Durian Mcflurry- even for non durian lover

The durian season is back! For durian lovers, it's everywhere now. From the commonest durian kampung, to D24, udang merah and the so coveted Musang King.

Because there's so much supply, the price is also very much reasonable at the moment.
I'm a durian lover , as well as Mr husband. But baby Bing, unfortunately, is a not fan. We tried to feed him when he was one. But he has only shown disgust much to our dismay. The fall half a year ago when his small hand impacted onto a durian on the floor was the last straw for him.

So, us parents were excited when we knew that D24 McFlurry was coming up! I don't usually have durian food products besides actual durian. But it looked so enticing on the advertisement. So we decided to give it a try.

We had it at the river front McDonald's because it's also nearby to a huge and popular children outdoor playground. Took this chance to have dinner out on a Friday night as well.

Besides McChicken, Big Mac, Fillet O Fish and Nasi McD, we also ordered the D24 Mcflurry. Firstly, the vanilla ice cream never disappoints. Ever so smooth and melted quickly in the mouth. As for the D24 cream, it's made of quality D24 durian :)

And Malaysia being the country of origin for great durian, it's definitely fresh and yummy! Not a sweet tooth though, I find the cream just slightly too sweet to my liking. Surprisingly, baby Bing also enjoyed the Mcflurry. He even kept asking for it after we finished it (he gives clear signals of refusal to things that he dislikes).

There you go, 17 July2018. All you can eat D24 durian Mcflurry only at RM10! (Usual price is RM8.99 each). Don't forget to drop my your nearest McDonald's outlet because the offer is only for the first 20 customers!

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