Saturday, July 14, 2018

McDonald's Jalan Gambang stopover Kuantan food review

We love to stop by the McDonald's outlet that's along the Jalan Gambang near Sg Isap area. The most recent visit was after our Bukit Gambang Blogger Family Trip.

We love how convenient the location is. Located just before the Permatang Badak traffic light turnoff. Easy to stop by and cure the hungry tummy. Also to let baby Bing release his pent up energy from sitting too long in the car.

Besides its 24 hours fast food service and drive through, it also has a McCafe that operates nonstop. So Mr husband can get his coffee fix.

This time round, we got to sit in their upstairs suite area because there were I think 8 families in our group. A big, happy and noisy crowd with lots of young children at tow.

Unfortunately baby Bing wasn't in his best mood. He only wanted to play in the playground next door. What I loved was that I could sit next to a huge glass window which directly visualize the indoor playground. Great for parents who wanted to get a quick bite but the young ones just wanted to play.

The playground was a very clean and cosy area. Its walls were wrapped with soft paddings. No worries when the little ones got too excited and bumped his head. The slide was also sturdy and made of plastics that didn't have sharp ends. The only thing was I couldn't stop baby Bing from climbing up the slides.

While the rest tried out the Rio burger, I had a McChicken instead. And baby Bing had his share of Happy Meal (chicken nuggets and fries). We had it with iced Milo and orange juice. He was more excited to have the balloon and transformers toy instead.

Tada. The friendly McDonald's crew on duty that day. It's worthy to mention a special staff among them. She's nonetheless Mrs Nik Anisah binti Mohd Ibrahim. Affectionately addressed as mama, she's the eldest staff at 50 years of age. This is part of MacDonald's humanitarian effort in employing the more elderly population or those with certain disabilities.

Not only that, McDonald's also care for their employees' welfare. Zakat were distributed to the Muslim employees during the Raya period. Those who came from outstation are also provided with comfortable accommodation that's nearby the working area. They are also entitled to free medical care and sick leaves.

We have been wanting to celebrate baby Bing's birthday at McDonald's. They do have affordable birthday party options. Besides the Happy meals, options such as birthday cake and party packs can also be added. Just pay and spare the time. Nothing else needs to be arranged on your own. Nice and simple.

Not forgetting the all-you-can-eat Mcflurry D24 is coming up on 17 July! They're always something McD can offer to everyone in the family. And now that they are embarking on more healthy food options, it has become one of my favorite hang out spots. 

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