Saturday, July 7, 2018 -car tyre maintenance service in Malaysia

Knowing where and how to get good tyres for your ride is no longer only a man's job. Now that more ladies own their own car, so it definitely comes in handy to know the best deal in town. Afterall, we are not pros in this line of business. All of these are made easy by has a collection of car tyre workshops that offers 100% original tyres that's less than 18 months from its manufacturing date. The prices offered are the lowest possible from the workshops involved.

Just key in the car model and my location, I was led to a result page that had all these tyres listed- Michelin, hankok, continental, Goodrich and Dunlop just to name a few. Unfortunately, there were no network workshops around the kuantan area yet so I have to search for workshops around KL area.

I decided to get continental tyres. That will cost RM255.41 each tyre. To confirm my booking, there's a deposit of RM12.77 each tyre purchased. This price included Tyre(s), rubber tubeless valve(s), installation, off-wheel balancing after trade-in of current tyre(s). Free Alignment check when one buys 4 tyres or more.

After adding the item to my cart, I then proceeded to checkout. Add in the discount code if any. Payment can be done easily through internet banking/PayPal/credit card. Easy peasy. No worries getting any counterfeit tyres or old tyres. What happens if I find a workshop that's cheaper? Contact because they are more than happy to involve the workshop as a partner.

As you can see from the map, the network workshops are mainly from the west coast of peninsula and concentrates around the KL area.

That's it! After payment I then contacted my workshop to schedule an appointment. Just be a bit careful to call within 10 days because the deposit is not refundable and your purchase will be considered invalid if you do not contact your workshop within that period.

My tyres were then changed by the professionals. All brand new and original! I always believe that good tyres and car maintenance service are important for obvious reasons- for the safety of your loved ones and yourself while riding in the car. This is why I choose to help me to get the best service at the lowest price.

Another section that I like the most about is their educational section.

Not only does it teach me about the technical terms used for car tyres, but it also includes information such as when to change your tyres by looking at the age of the tyre and the tread depth. Even tips like how to clean the tyres, and the importance of maintaining enough air pressure.

Dear folks, I hope this will remind you the importance of getting your tyres maintained and changed regularly especially for the upcoming holiday season.

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Tricia said...

This is very useful as I am looking for both car tyre maintaince services and deep clean car upholstery services for my car. Thank you.

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