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Pampering facial treatment for pregnant ladies at Vogue Clinic

The ever enlarging belly makes me feel unattractive and kind of clumsy at times. Especially the awful breakout due to hormonal imbalance. Regardless of comments about how cute the bump is..ha.. I'm in need of a pampering session to look and make myself feel good. Expecting mothers commonly worry about how safe certain beauty treatments are. I'm hoping to shed some light on this.

I have just gone through a great session at Vogue Clinic with Dr Darren Teo and his team. Firstly, please let your beautician/physician know that you are expecting so they can plan for suitable treatment accordingly.

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Facial treatments are generally safe in pregnancy. I had an enjoyable facial cleansing and scrubbing by trained nurses. Firstly, there's no disruption from my cute baby Bing when my face was cleansed for at least 5 minutes. Lol. This was then followed by a good scrubbing to exfoliate with the help of gentle yet effective microbeads.

Read this comment from Dr Lynch on BabyCenter about facial in pregnancy.

My face was then steamed for 10 minutes to open up the pores to prepare for exfoliation. Steaming just the face is perfectly safe in pregnancy but wrapping and steaming the whole body is not. This is why sauna and spas are not recommended for pregnant ladies. Afterwards a good suctioning was done to clear or loosen up the sebum and dirt. Mechanical extraction is just what I need for this face full of acne. This is because many acne products are not safe for pregnancy use.

The big no nos in acne fighting products during pregnancy includes retinoid acid which can cause deformity in the growing baby. Others such as salicylate and benzoyl peroxide have not been studied extensively (because the ethics committee will not pass this type of study using pregnant women to experiment about the safety of these drugs!) But they can be used sparingly and are fairly safe. If you have strong fear and worry, you can always avoid these too.

After a thorough extraction, my pores are finally free of impurities. The areas with comedones are so smooth and clean :) I would say this is a fail safe way to clear off acne (but must be done by the professionals to minimise the risk of scarring). Read this article to know about about acne extraction. 

As my breakout was too extensive, we had to postpone my mesotherapy and skin booster treatment. I was then given chemical peeling instead. Not all chemicals used in suitable for pregnant ladies. But the following are safe. Firstly glycolic acid (derived from sugar cane) was applied to exfoliate. Lactic acid (derived from milk so it's very mild and safe) was then used to reveal a smoother and fairer skin. Read here to understand more about chemical peels in pregnancy. One of the downsides included stinging during application which was alleviated by a mini cooling fan.

A nice cooling layer of 100% organic aloe vera gel was then applied after the peel was washed off to ease off the discomfort and soothe the skin. LED light was also used to repair the skin. I wrote in detail about the LED light in my previous post.

It's essential to avoid sun exposure and use sun protection for the coming week because the the skin will start to peel slowly. New skin is invariably smoother, fairer with even complexion and produces less sebum. But it is also very seen sensitive and one should handle it with care.

 A good facial leaves one with clear and smooth skin. Absolutely in love with the pampering I received. At least I don't have to live with this terrible pregnancy breakout. Hope that now you understand more about facial treatment during pregnancy and will not deprive your skin with the care it needs.

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